1949 Ballarat Weekend Trial

This 75 mile trial was conducted by the Light Car Club as part of a weekend of motor sport, which included a hillclimb near Glenmore (west of Bacchus March) and sprints at Ballarat. There were 33 starters.

Six cars lost no points on the trial but Bib Stillwell was docked for lateness at the start. It is possible that final placings were determined by reference to times on the sub-event, in which case Bill Patterson was the winner in his Ford v8.


Results and entry list

1=Bill PattersonFord V8500
1=Bert ChalmersStandard Vanguard500
1=M. LaneMG TC500
1=D. DuncanOldsmobile500
5=Stan JonesMG TC495
5=Peter WardRiley 2.5495
5=Peter MantonMG P-type495
8Bib StillwellMG TC S/c492
9C. ReynoldsSunbeam Talbot485
10=Ross DavidsonMG 2 litre480
10=S. WilliamsMG TC480


Start at Sunshine. Controls were then roughly as follows:

  • Dohertys Road
  • Rowsley Post Office from the south
  • Mount Wallace via Glenmore (hillclimb sub-event)
  • Mount Egerton
  • Ballarat (Eureka Stockade)

Other event documents

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