1950 Experts Trial

The Experts Trial, organised by the Light Car Club, was held on July 15th.

Directed by Alan Watkins and Roy Linden, this fourth Experts Trial attracted a record 47 entries, including a team of four Jeeps from the Army.

The event was dominated by a number of extremely muddy sections.

Winners were “Sport” King navigated by Peter Vennermark in a 1934 Wolseley Hornet.

From The Argus

Results and entry list

1Sport KingPeter VennermarkWolseley Hornet
2Geoff LordD. Vincent
3N. Boyd-GrahamW. Low


Out to near Yan Yean for a “non stop” mud section to Doreen where six hundred spectators had gathered. Then to “Black Springs” near Lilydale,¬† on to Kalorama, Sylvan and Monbulk and to a dinner break at the Pine Grove Hotel.¬† Onwards to Beconsfield, Cranbourne (where there was a two mile stretch of “swamp”), Clarinda etc.

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