1952 Blue Ribbon Trail

Described as a “classic trial”, the first Blue Ribbon Trial was conducted by the Victorian Sporting Car Club on June 15th.

There were 19 invited crews that tackled the 173 mile course through the Dandenong and Strzelecki Ranges in shocking weather conditions.

Both Deniston/Linden (Jaguar) and Davison/Ward (Holden) lost 20 points, but the Jaguar was declared winner on the basis of a sub-event time. Unclear if J. Deniston is the same person as Lex Denniston!
From The Age

Results and entry list

1J. DenistonRoy LindenJaguar Mk, V20
2Lex DavisonPeter WardHolden Special20
3Harry FirthJaguar XK-12060


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Other event documents

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