1952 "The Age" Women Drivers Trial

The Light Car Club’s annual Women Drivers Trial, sponsored by The Age, was held on February 24th.

Directed by Lex Davison and Roy Linden, 46 of the 64 starters finished the event. Scoring was by penalties on the trial, timing on sub-events, and secret observations of adherence to the road rules. Three cars completed the trial without penalty but all them were overtaken by Mrs. J. Steele in a Holden who was outright winner.



Results and entry list

1Mrs. J. SteelHolden1270
2Mrs. I. SeatonAustin A401257
3Mrs. A. TerdichHolden1250
4Mrs. A. GardnerMG TC1250
5Mrs. M GibsonMorris Minor1199
6Mrs. Z. ReidFiat 500C1170


A 95 mile course through the Dandenong Ranges.

Other event documents

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