1961 Victorian Trials Championship

We have limited information on the 1961 VTC, the inaugural year of the state championship.

The first winning driver was Geoff Russell in a VW 1200. Russell and navigator Wally Walsh won both the Experts Trial and the Alpine Trial. However, the first navigator title went to Martin Hartigan, principally navigating for Bob Foreman, together with whom he won the BP Rally. 

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Series Regulations

There were no specific restrictions on the kinds of events that could be rounds of the VTC. All events were timed to the minute, but there were virtually no tied placings. Most events had a significant degree of navigation.

Only the outright award was given. It is not clear what points system was used, but it was revised for 1962.


The inaugural VTC comprised seven rounds as follows:

  1. BP Rally
  2. Hamilton All Night Trial
  3. Experts Trial
  4. Otway Trial
  5. Cec. Warren Trial
  6. Shell Two Day Trial
  7. Alpine Trial


We do not have complete results for 1961 and hence no points tables. The following final pointscores are taken from the April 1962 Unicar

Drivers Pointscores

  1. Geoff Russell 58
  2. Bob Foreman 49½
  3. Ray Christie 41
  4. Don Opie 30
  5. Harry Firth 29½
  6. Keith Gamble 24
  7. G. Bunge 22
  8. Len Fulton 19
  9. R. Lilley 16
  10. Reg Lunn 15
  11. Ken Harper 13
  12. Mrs. D. Scott 13

Navigators Pointscores

  1. Martin Hartigan 49½
  2. Wally Walsh 48
  3. Richard Collingwood 45
  4. Joe Dunlop 41
  5. Graham Hoinville 29½
  6. Roger Abraham 29
  7. J. Tremain 25
  8. R. Lewis 23
  9. R. Bunge 22
  10. Ian Home 19
  11. D.N. Scott 15
  12. W. Ellis 13