1962 Commencement Rally & Farrago Trial

The date on which the 1962 Commencement Rally and Farrago Trial were held is not known,

1962 MUCC Commencement Rally and Farrago Trial

This was a traditional annual event of the Melbourne University Car Club normally held in April. The Farrago Trial was intended as an introduction to rallying for new members and was at a novice level. The Commencement Rally was a more difficult event with some tricky navigation.

A report appeared in May Unicar.

Results and entry list

The Commencement Rally was won by Mrs. M. Kendall and T. Kendall in a Morris Minor. The Farrago Trial was won by P. Bartlett and J. Hood in a Triumph Herald, and were the only crew to cleansheet the trial.



The instructions below are for the Commencement Rally. The morning stages were held around Wallan and Kilmore with a lunch break and motorkhana sub-event near Broadford. The afternoon stages went via Mount Tallarook and Mount Disappointment with the finish at Wattle Glen. The route instructions for the afternoon stages were on slips of paper handed out at each control.

Route Instructions

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