1965 Victorian Trials Championship

The 1965 Victorian Trials Championship was expected to be closely fought between factory Fords and the new Holden Trials Team. However, the Ford dominance continued with five wins to Holden’s one. While Reg Lunn  won three events, it was Harry Firth and Graham Hoinville who emerged as state champions for a second time despite only winning one event, the final round in their Cortina GT.

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Series Regulations

There were no specific restrictions on the kinds of events that could be rounds of the VTC. All events were timed to the minute, but there were virtually no tied placings. Most events had a significant degree of navigation.

Only the outright award was given. Points were awarded 30-27-24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 for first to tenth with the best five of seven results to count.


There were only six rounds in the 1965 series, with the best five results to count.

  1. Caltex Begonia Rally
  2. Akademos Trial
  3. Experts Trial
  4. Two Day Trial
  5. North Eastern Trial
  6. Cooper Memorial Trial


The following tables have a few entries missing but the totals are correct.

Drivers Pointscores

1Harry Firth2724241830123
2Bruce Woodfull3027182118114
3Bob Watson1515213027108
4Reg Lunn3093030??105
5Tony Roberts12189242487
6Ken Harper27122163
7Frank Kilfoyle24211560
8Laurie Graham211839
9Clem Dunn241236
10Bill Hartigan15633

Navigators Pointscores

1Graham Hoinville2724241830123
2Jim McAuliffe1515213027108
3Bob Forsyth3027182196
4Peter Haas12189242487
5Mike Flanagan27122163
6=Geoff Thomas303060
6=Roger Abraham24211560
8Martin Hartigan211555
9=Ian Inglis181839
9=Ian Johnson241239