1968 Victorian Trials Championship

The 1968 VTC was dominated by Bob Watson and Jim McAuliffe in their Holden HK V8 307ci. They took four outright wins and one equal first from the seven events. Their main rivals were team mates Tony Roberts and Mike Osborne in a similar HK Holden.

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Watson and McAullife (HK Kingswood) in the 1968 Southern Cross Rally

Series Regulations

There were no specific restrictions on the kinds of events that could be rounds of the VTC. All events were timed to the minute, but there were virtually no tied placings. Most events had a significant degree of navigation.

Only the outright award was given. Points were allocated 9-6-4-3-2-1 for first to sixth with the best five of seven results to count.



Best 5 results to count, total shown in brackets where different.

Drivers Pointscores

1Bob Watson91999343½ (47½)
2Tony Roberts66625½
3David Forster222915
4Max Jackman412411
5Frank Kilfoyle99
6Roger Bonhomme448
7Brian Amey½61
8Bruce Wilkinson347

Navigators Pointscores

1Jim McAuliffe91999343½ (47½)
2Mike Osborne66625½
3Jeff Beaumont222915
4Neville Price44412
5Ian Johnson412411
6Doug Rutherford99
7Peter Haas628
8=Tony Wunderlich617
8=Ian Inglis347