1970 Ampol Trial

The Ampol Trial was conducted between June 20 and July 5.

1970 ARDC Ampol Trial

The 1970 Ampol Trial was the first “Round Australia” trial since the 1964 Ampol Trial and would be the last such event until the 1979 Repco Reliability Trial.
Directed by Carl Kennedy for the Australian Racing Drivers Club, the event consisted of an “assembly” rally to Alice Springs followed by the trial proper.¬†
The event finished in Sydney where the joint winners were Edgar Herrman and Hans Schuller in a Datsun 1600 and Jean-Claude and Lucette Ogier in a Citroen DS 21.
Third placed Colin Bond, Tony Roberts and Brian Hope in the big Monaro

Some interesting reflections from Clark Ballard appeared in August Unicar and continue in September Unicar.

Joint winner of the 1970 Ampol Trial were Jean-Claude Ogier and Lucette Ogier

Results and entry list

1=Jean-Claude Ogier / Lucette OgierCitroen DS 2160
1=Edgar Herrman / Hans SchullerDatsun 1600 SSS60
3Colin Bond / Tony Roberts / Brian HopeHolden Monaro GTS76
4Jack Ellis / Bob ForsythFalcon XW GS95
5Doug Stewart / George ShepheardColt SS97
6Doug Chivas / Bob RileyColt SS129
7Barry Lloyd / Albert BrowneColt SS138
8David McKay / Graham Watson / John SprouleCitroen DS 21145
9Stewart McLeod / Jack LockDatsun 1600169
10Allan Lawson / Garry ConnellyMazda R100176

News article with entry list


The Ampol Rally was a separate event and saw crews converge on Port Augusta before tackling a series of stages through the Flinders Ranges and on to Alice Springs where the Ampol Trial began.

The Ampol Trial then went from Alice Springs through to Mount Isa, Cooktown, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Baradine, Wagga, Murrayville, Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury, Bathurst to Sydney.

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Route Instructions Rally Stage 1 (Sydney to Port Augusta)

Route Instructions Rally Stage 2 (Port Augusta to Alice Springs)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 1 (Alice Springs to Mt Isa)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 2 (Mt Isa to Cooktown

Route Instructions Trial Stage 3 (Cooktown to Townsville)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 4 (Townsville to Brisbane)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 5 (Brisbane to Wagga)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 6 (Wagga to Adelaide)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 7 (Adelaide to Melbourne)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 8 (Melbourne to Albury)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 9A (Albury to Cooma)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 9B (Cooma to Bathurst)

Route Instructions Trial Stage 10 (Bathurst to Sydney)

There were two parts of the route that were in Victoria. First, on the division between Wagga and Adelaide, the route traversed the Moonlight Tank Road through the Big Desert. After Adelaide, there was a fairly easy run through western Victoria to a break in Melbourne followed by serious competitive stages through Matlock, Jamieson, Whitfield and Beechworth to Albury. After Albury the route went back into Victoria, passing through Mitta Mitta, Omeo, Bruthen and Murrindal enroute to Cooma.

Other event documents

Ampol Trade brochure (large file)