1973 Amateur 100

The Amateur 100 was held on 7 April.

VCS Round 2 – 1973 VADC Amateur 100


Jeff Beaumont tells the story….

The new ruling for the Clubman series limited the entries to 40 crews.

The second heat of the Clubman series was the Amateur 100. The first division ran in the Strathbogies and then ran across country from Violet Town to Rushworth. The second division ran in the old gold mining areas in the Whroo and Heathcote Forests.

The dusty conditions caught out several crews including Bond and Richards who slipped off the road in someone’s dust on the run across to Rushworth.

After the division break the maze of tracks and realigned roads caught many of the navigators napping, which led to fairly high points losses recorded.

First round winners, Norm Wagner and Colin Campbell had a poor night away from their native Gippsland, finally finishing in 12th place.

One Whroo checkpoint was visited by only seven of the capacity 40 entries. Pierre Dalle and Graham Wallis were running in a close second place late in the event but they lost points in the last two sections to drop down to third place.

Ultimately John Coleman / Bernie Peasley were comfortable winners, at the Mitchelton finish. With their fourth place from round 1, they now led the series.

Results and entry list

1John ColemanBernard PeasleyTorana45
2John BastowFritz SuendermannDatsun 160055
3Pierre DalleGraham WallisPeugeot 50468
4Noel RichardsMike BasterTotana XU-175
5Gary HawkinsJ. TrumanCooper S77
6Kevin HarrisonPaul PatersonGazell84