1973 Black's Bush Bash Trial

Black’s Bush Bash Trial, organised by the Morris 850 Car Club, was held on April 28.

This was a typical club event of the early 1970s, with straightforward navigation using roads in the Wombat Forest. Starting at the eastern end, near Gisborne, which is out of bounds these days for rallying. The event was won by Peter McGhie and Ian Faulkner in a V6 Capri, pretty much a standard road car. Peter had come across from New Zealand to live. Ian Faulkner was the brother of Neil Faulkner from Newcastle who navigated for some big names in the 1970s. Keith Cook and Graham Wallis were second in a standard early model 403 Peugeot. Keith was the Victorian rally reporter for Racing Car News for a few years.

Bill Black was a stalwart of the Morris 850 Club and quite a character. His brother was famous for running a Wolseley 24 80 at Calder Rallycross and rolling in front of the TV cameras.


Results and entry list

1Peter McGeeIan FaulknerCapri2
2Keith CookGraham WallisPeugeot 4037
3Kent YouldenRoss TreweekColt10
4Peter deVauxGeorge WoodsPeugeot 40316
5Lloyd LavendarRod StaffanoniMini Cooper19
6H. DraperR. DraperUte21

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