1974 Summer Safari

The Summer Safari was held on February 23.

VCS Round 1 – 1974 PCCV Summer Safari


Jeff Beaumont’s story….

Directors of this first round, held around Bendigo, were Brain Amery, Joe Wilson and Jim Ryan.

It was perhaps fitting that a Peugeot 404 emerged as winner of the Peugeot Car Club’s Summer Safari, the first round of the VCRS.

The navigation was challenging and tricky, with a few re-alignments, and featuring a bunch of short, sharp stages.

And whilst the event was considered to be a bit too rough (favouring Peugeots ?) only four cars failed to finish.

Young uni student, Glen Olsen, with Fritz Suendermann in a BMW 2002 put up a quick time on the first stage, then became the first casualties of the event when they broke a wishbone.

Racing Car News report.

Auto Action Report

1974 VCS Winners Rob Dyer and Graham Wallis
1974 VCS Winners Rob Dyer and Graham Wallis

Results and entry list

1Rob DyerGraham WallisPeugeot 40449
2John AdamsMick BrasierCortina52
3Bob PenderIan BaldockTorana52
4Pierre DalleRay DanielPeugeot 50454
5D. CourtneyBill JohnsonTorana XU-156
6K. HarrisonPaul PatersonHillman60