1975 CCRMIT Amateur Trial

The Amateur Trial, organised by CCRMIT, was held on July 5.

TAUCC Series Round 6 – 1975 Amateur Trial

Directed by Graeme McKimmie, the Amateur Trial was a fully route charted drivers’ event held in the StArnaud area.

Results and entry list

1David DyballNoel KellyDatsun 160025CCRMIT
2=Ted KnowlesIan SichlauCortina Mk 232MUCC
2=Andrew WhiteGraeme VauxMazda R10032MSCC
4John EdwardsHarold PearsonCortina43CATCC
5=David LambieSimon BrownCortina48CCRMIT
5=Chris BrownChris ManiatakisDatsun 160048CCRMIT
8Hayden WestDavid BrownsworthCorona49MUCC


Other event documents

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