1975 Victorian Rally Championship

The 1975 VRC was won by David Bond and Ian Richards with three wins and two second places. The previous year’s champions, Garry Harrowfield and Geoff Boyd, placed second with two wins while David Hodge/Mick Brasier and Gil Davis/Peter Haas took a win apiece.

The 1975 VRC was significant for a number of “firsts”. Round 5 the Experts Trial in 1975 was the first to utilise the Puckapunyal Army Base for a fully route charted daylight division with timing to the tenth of a minute.

The next round, the North Eastern, saw George Fury and Monty Suffern debut the 710 Datsun, as a shakedown for the Southern Cross Rally. However, David Bond and Ian Richards won the North Eastern in their Lancer to secure the 1975 VRC Championship.

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Bond Richards 75 Experts (Bruce Keys)

Series Regulations

There were no specific restrictions on the kinds of events that could be rounds of the VRC. There were no special stage events. All events except the Experts were timed to the minute, resulting in some tied placings. Four rounds were fully route charted. The Penfolds, Derrick and Experts involved map reading.

Only the outright award was given. Points were allocated 9-6-4-3-2-1 for first to sixth with the best five results to count.


The 1975 VRC comprised six rounds as follows. Click on each round to see the full story and results.

  1. Penfold Motors Trial
  2. George Derrick Memorial Trial
  3. Midlander Trial
  4. Midyear Rally
  5. Experts Trial
  6. North Eastern Rally
  7. Hunter Safari


Best 5 results count, total shown in brackets where different.

Drivers Pointscores

1David Bond69969139 (40)
2Garry Harrowfield9918
3David Hodge94316
4Phil Bernadou6612
5Gil Davis2911
6John Dixon6410
7=Bob Bird3238
7=Doug Irish448
9=Bruce Wilson426
9=John Armitage66
9=George Fury66
12Alf Pearce111
13=Graham Horsfield44
13=Phil Nicholson44
15=Tom Barr-Smith33
15=David Dyball33
15=J. Piazza33
18Wayne Muldoon
19=Roger Bonhomme22
19=Bill Strownix22
19=John Coleman212
22=Len McKay11
22=Brent Fletcher11

Navigators Pointscores

1Ian Richards69969139 (40)
2Geoff Boyd9918
3Mick Brasier94316
4Tony Walsham6412½
5=Warwick Smith323412
5=Phil Rainer6612
7Peter Haas2911
8Bernard Peasley6219
9Monty Suffern268
10Ian Baldock111
11=Mike Prendergast424
11=Mike Mitchell44
11=Geoff O’Donnell44
11=Don Williams44
15=Rob Hunt33
15=Allen Roberts33
15=A. Burns33
18Ian Ellis22
19=Ian Pearce11
19=Ross Runnalls11