1976 Victorian Rally Championship

The VRC was closely contested with four different winners on the first four rounds and five crews in the running for the title with two rounds to go. But in the end the neatly dressed Bob Waterhouse, with navigator Paul Paterson, won the final two rounds to convincingly win the championship.

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Waterhouse and Paterson on the 76 Derrick

Series Regulations

There were no specific restrictions on the kinds of events that could be rounds of the VRC. There were no special stage events. All events were timed to the minute, resulting in some tied placings. Most events involved map reading.

Only the outright award was given. Points were allocated 9-6-4-3-2-1 for first to sixth with the best five results to count.


The 1976 VRC comprised six rounds as follows. Click on each round to see the full story and results.

  1. George Derrick Memorial Trial (also a SARC round)
  2. Brass Monkey Trial
  3. Akademos
  4. Experts Trial
  5. Hunter Safari
  6. Eclipse Motors Rally


Drivers Pointscores

1Bob Waterhouse969933
2=Garry Harrowfield69621
2=Bob Bird64421
4John Dixon4913
5Garry Spence911½
6Geoff Portman33
7=Bruce Wilson66
7=Gil Davis66
9Ian Swan2215
10Graham Horsfield2½2
11Bob Watson44
12Pierre Dalle
13=Alf Pearce123
13=Jeff Beaumont33
15George Fury
16=Helmut Goetz11
16=Rex Lunn11
16=Ian Smith11
19Graham Toner½½

Navigators Pointscores

1Paul Paterson969933
2=Geoff Boyd69621
2=Warwick Smith64421
4Ian Richards4913
5Noel Kelly911½
6Ross Runnalls33
7Ian Baldock12
8=Peter Haas66
8=David Long66
10Graeme Vaux2215
11=Geoff O’Donnell224
11=Bill Johnston44
13Ian Wilson33
14Monty Suffern
15=Frank Kilfoyle11
15=Barry Burt11
15=Jim Maude11
18Ian Murphy½0.5