1979 Lumberjacks Lament

The 1979 Lumberjacks Lament was held on July 7.

TAUCC Round 6 – LHCS Lumberjacks Lament

Not a great deal is known about this event, one of the few run by the car club of Latrobe University, known as the Latrobe Horseless Carriage Society!

Eventual winning navigator, Andrew Roberts recalls being contacted by Andrew White at 10.00 am on the morning of the event as his usual navigator had got sick. Andy was only doing 1 event a year in Barry Brookes car, so after ascertaining he wasn’t a nutter, I agreed to do it!

He has only three memories of the event, getting lost early, only to be told by officials that the instructions were wrong and drive to the next stage!

Second, seeing a rutted red wet clay road, and being shown how to dance across the ruts , as l sank deeper into the seat, my life flashing before me.

And finally, arriving at the finish to find them deciding the places, when asked our score, l told them, and there was a rush for the scorers table, as we had won!!


Results and entry list

1Andrew WhiteAndrew Roberts4
2=Steve BartalTrevor BoydMazda Capella6
4=Norm CroftLee8
4=Rob WillettBernard LakerinkRenault8
6KellyStuart Lister10

Detailed results