1979 Midwestern Rally

The Midwestern Rally was held on May 12.

VCS Round 3 – LCCA Midwestern Rally

The Midwestern Rally was directed by then joint Clubman Series leader, Bruce Keys, on behalf of the Light Car Club. Round 1 winners, Chris Wall and John McKay, took another win by 2 minutes from joint series leaders Chris Randall and Ray Scott, who were equalled by Randall Kohn and Adrian Stringer.

Chris Wall and John McKay in the Midwestern Rally

Results and entry list

1Chris WallJohn McKayDatsun 16009
2=Chris RandallRay ScottDatsun 160011
2=Randall KohnAdrian StringerDatsun 160011
4=John AdamsAlex McCoshLancer13
4=John BennettJerry JustusDatsun 160013
4=Greg LeeAllen RobertsDatsun 160013

Detailed results

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