1980 Camcrusher Rally

The Camcrusher Rally, organised by the Ford Four Car Club and sponsored by Uptune Automotive, was held on 15 March.

VCS Round 2 – FFCC Camcrusher Rally

The Camcrusher was held in the Reef Hills and Strathbogie forests, south of Benalla. Director was Chris Randall and Assistant Director Andrew Trevillian.


Results and entry list

1Steve AshtonRo NixonDatsun 160024
2Jeff MarshGeoff FloydEscort26
3Dennis BillingsSteve EllisDatsun 160027
4Bruce TassellJohn TassellEscort29
5Laurie MitchellIan SichlauCortina30
6=K. HartnellRay HartnellCortina31
6=Peter JohannesenTerry JohannesenDatsun 160031
6=Peter WhitelyDennis HoffrichterDatsun31

Provisional Results


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