1980 John Blair Memorial Rally

The John Blair Memorial Rally, organised by the HMAS Cerberus Car Club, was held on 26 January. It was a fully route charted event with $1,000 worth of cash awards and prizes. While the event ran as a “closed” status event, entries were permitted from Cerberus members as well as from members of five of the larger car clubs in Victoria, meaning most keen rally competitors could enter.

The director was John White and Assistant Director Mick Verrall. The rally started and finished in Powelltown with competitive being in the surrounding forests.

In first place and also first grade 2 were Alex and Jan Fitcher. Warwick Smith and Paul Paterson were second and John Coleman/G Boot third and also second grade 2. First grade 3 were C Morris/I Hill and first grade 4 J Wilkinson/P Smythe.

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