1981 Victorian Rally Championship

The 1981 VRC was dominated by Geoff Portman and Ross Runnalls who won five of the six rounds. Runnalls did not compete in the Begonia as he was the Director but Portman struck problems and did not score.

David “Dinta” Officer and Kate Hobson were clear winners in Grade 2 taking three wins in their Galant. Second were Alex and Jan Fitcher with one win and a second.

In the Clubman division there were six different winners across the six rounds. Consistency proved to be the winning formula for Graeme Wise and Mark Brooke, who ran out clear Clubman winners in the VRC with one win, two seconds, a third and a fourth.

A pre-season Review was written by John White in Auto Action.

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Portman and Runnalls on the 81 Autosport Stages

Series Regulations

These were specified in Section 6A of the 1981 Victorian Addendum to the Australian Rally Code.

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events. This was the second year that only Special Stage events were included. This was the first year when “elapsed timing” was used, in accordance with Section 5 of the 1981 Victorian Addendum to the Australian Rally Code.

Awards were made for outright champions, Grade 2 (non Grade 1, so Grade 3 and 4 could score points also) and Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only).

In each division points were allocated 9-6-4-3-2-1 for first to sixth with the best five results to count.


There were six VRC events this year with the seventh round, the Camcrusher, being cancelled. Click on each event to see further details, including results.

  1. Martini Mountain Rally 
  2. Windscreens O’Brien Begonia Rally
  3. Blue Ribbon Rally
  4. Autosport Stages
  5. Rich River Rally
  6. Canon Zodiac Rally

Outright Pointscores

Outright Drivers Pointscores

1Geoff Portman9999945
2David Officer36615
3Chris Power6612
4Hugh Bell99
5Alex Fitcher448
6=Chris Wall416
6=Warwick Smith246
6=Mike Dunn66
6=Mike Bell66
10=Phil Eather134
10=David Hodge44
10=Simon Birrell224
10=Peter Johnson44
14=Chris Brown33
14=Kevin King33
14=Peter Glover33
14=Peter Thompson33
18=David Jones22
18=David Adams22
18=Graeme Wise22
21=John White11
21=Peter Evans11
21=Bob Waterhouse11
21=Chris Jones11

Outright Navigators Pointscores

1Ross Runnalls9999945
2Kate Hobson36615
3Phil Rainer6612
4Steve Ellis99
5Jan Fitcher448
6=Lloyd Minifie416
6=Janiene Kilfoyle246
6=Peter Dodson66
6=Graham Roser66
10=Stephen Yorke134
10=Tom Seymour44
10=Stephen Robertson44
13=Simon Brown33
13=John Parkinson33
13=Mark Austin33
13=Ron Lugg33
17=Di Cornish22
17=Noel Richards22
17=Chris Randell22
17=Mark Brooke22
17=Stephen Mitchell222
22=John Williams11
22=P. Wright11
22=Paul Paterson11
22=Frank Grant11

Grade 2 Pointscores

Grade 2 Drivers Pointscores

1David Officer99927
2Alex Fitcher69116
3=Mike Dunn3912
3=Graeme Wise324312
5=Phil Eather64111
5=Simon Birrell14611
7Peter Thompson99
8Peter Glover268
9Chris Jones347
10=David Hodge66
10=Kevin King66
12=Gary Grealy44
12=John White44
14=David Adams33
14=Peter Evans33
16=F. Markus22
16=Gordon Douglas12
16=Karl Robertson22
16=Steve Ashton22
16=Gregg Trotter22
22=Peter Corkran11
22=Steve Bartal11

Grade 2 Navigators Pointscores

1Kate Hobson99927
2Jan Fitcher69116
3=Peter Godson3912
3=Mark Brooke324312
5Stephen Yorke64111
6Ron Lugg99
7Frank Grant347
8=Tom Seymour66
8=John Parkinson66
8=Mark Austin66
8=Stephen Mitchell66
12Di Cornish145
13=Barry Collins44
13=John Williams44
15=Chris Eandell33
15=P. Wright33
17=Tony Hather22
17=David Johns22
17=Peter Kyriakidis22
17=Ro Nixon22
17=Phil Yeomans22
22=David Stewart11
22=Paul McKie11
22=Bruce Keys11

Clubman Pointscores

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

1Graeme Wise3946628
2Phil Eather96318
3Mike Dunn69116
4Chris Jones6915
5=Peter Glover4913
5=Kevin King4913
7=Karl Robertson246
7=Brian Smith66
9=Steve Bartal44
9=Greg Trotter44
11=Gordon Douglas33
11=Bill Bennett33
11=Ian Long33
11=Ron Peddar33
15=Jeff Moorhead22
15=O’ Crawley22
15=David Adams22
15=Mark Roberts22
15=Stephen Mitchell22
20=Ian Miller11
20=Greg Hoinville11
20=C. McCarthy11
20=John Mott11

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1Mark Brooke3946628
2Stephen Yorke96318
3Peter Godson69116
4Frank Grant6915
5John Parkinson4913
6Mark Austin99
7=Peter Kyriakidis246
7=John Birrell66
9=Tony Hather44
9=Bruce Keys44
9=Phil Yeomans44
12=Paul McKie33
12=P. Higgins33
12=Ron Harper33
12=Gordon Paul33
16=Peter Hadaway22
16=V. Haskett22
16=A. Patterson22
16=Tony Carroll22
16=Ron Brown22
21=David McAdam11
21=G. Nutting11
21=K. McCulloch11
21=Lynton Rowe11