1981 Canon Zodiac Rally

The Canon Zodiac Rally, organised by the CRB Car Club, was held on July 26.

VRC Round 6 – Canon Zodiac Rally – Portman/Runnalls again!

The Canon Zodiac was directed by George Jacobson and ran over twelve special stages in Central Gippsland.

Portman and Runnals dominated again , winning by almost 2 minutes. Chris Power repeated his fine second place from the first round.

With the ultimate cancellation of the final VRC round, this became the final round but the winners of all three levels of the championship would not have been changed by a further round.


Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarTimeGrade 2Clubman
1Geoff PortmanRoss RunnallsDatsun 200B2:02:04
2Chris PowerPhil RainerDatsun 16002:03:47
3Peter JohnsonStephen RobertsonLancer2:04:47
4Peter ThompsonRon LuggDatsun2:09:091
5Simon BirrellStephen MitchellGalant2:09:512
6Chris JonesFrank GrantDatsun 180B SSS2:09:5731
7=Graeme WiseMark BrookeDatsun 16002:11:1542
7=Mark HankinsonIain Stewart2:11:15
9Greg TrotterPhil YeomansMazda RX32:11:2453
10Alex FitcherJan FitcherDatsun 16002:12:156
11Ian LongRon HarperDatsun2:13:114
12Bob WaterhousePaul PatersonDatsun 16002:14:16
13Mark RobertsTony CarrollLotus Cortina2:17:265
14C. McCarthyK. McCulloch2:17:536

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