1982 Clayton Auto Club Rally

The Clayton Auto Club Rally, organised by the Clayton Auto Club, was held on 27 March. This was a club event and not part of any series.

The event was run in 2 divisions, with A crews doing only division 1 and B & C crews doing both divisions.

At the end of Division 1, four crews were equal first with no points lost: Ray & Margaret Daniels, Stuart Lister/Bill Bennett, Kym Pankhurst/David Bowden and David Laughton/Albert Darby. Equal 5th with a loss of 2 points were Nick Wright/Glenda Fish and Greg Colgan/Chris Hall. Of all those, only the Daniels were an A crew.

At the end of Division 2, the overall winners were Kym Pankhurst and David Bowden on 3 points, with Greg Colgan/Chris Hall 2nd on 4 points and Nick Wright/Glenda Fish 3rd on 6 points.



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