1982 Camcrusher Rally

The Camcrusher, organised by the Ford Four Car Club, was held on May 29.

1982 VRC Round 3 – FFCC Camcrusher Rally

The Camcrusher was directed by Chris Randall in the Strathbogies area.

Chris Brown and Noel Richards took their second win on the trot to take the lead in the 1982 VRC.

Results and entry list

These results are incomplete. If you have a copy of the official results, we’d love to see them!

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarTimeGrade 2Clubman
1Chris BrownNoel RichardsDatsun 180B
2David OfficerKate HobsonGalant
3Gil DavisGordon PaulDatsun 1600
4Chris WallLloyd MinifeDatsun 1600
5Graeme WiseJohn WilliamsDatsun 16001
6Ian SwanPhil RainerDatsun Stanza
?Steve AshtonRo NixonDatsun 16002
?Brian SmithPeter MignotGalant31
?David AdamsChris RandellDatsun Stanza4
?Humphrey EnterDennis EnterTriumph52
?Gary GrealyBarry CollinsDatsun 16006
?Craig MorrisMichael KingEscort3
?Richard RocheIan McCallumLancer4
?Greg HoinvilleGuy NuttingCortina5
?Ron PeddarGraham TonerDatsun 180B6


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