1983 Victorian Trials Championship


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Series Regulations

These were specified in Section 4 of the 1983 Victorian Addendum to the Australian Rally Code.

This was the third year of the revived Victorian Trials Championship.

Awards were made for outright champions, Grade 2 (non Grade 1, so Grade 3 and 4 could score points also) and Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only).

In each division points were allocated 9-6-4-3-2-1 for first to sixth with the best four results to count from the five rounds.


There were only five VTC events this year. The Summer Safari was originally calendared as the first round but was postponed because of the Ash Wednesday bushfires and ultimately held in the Otways as the last round for the year on a date unknown. The Four Pointer’s date was amended to that originally allocated to the Yulunga Trial, which wasn’t conducted. The Bernarras was originally calendared for 3 September but was held on 6 October. The Noel Burley Memorial Trial was calendared as the final round in November but was cancelled due to lack of entries – the distance from Melbourne seemed to deter some competitors.

  1. Four Pointer Trial
  2. George Derrick Memorial Trial
  3. Rally of the Rising Sun
  4. Bernarras Trial
  5. Summer Safari

Outright Pointscores

Outright Drivers Pointscores

These tables are missing Round 5

1Chris Wall96924
Brian Smith26111½
Barry Thompson4149
David Officer99
Phil Nicholson99
Rowan Quill4138
Bob Waterhouse66
Rod Martin66
Rob Willett44
Peter Thompson33
David Jones33
Barry Farnell
Graham Trounce22
Grant Pearson22
Keith Winter11

Outright Navigators Pointscores

1Trevor Boyd96924
Peter Mignot26111½
Keith Siler4149
Ross Runnalls99
Geoff Rainbow99
Graham Wallis4138
Paul Paterson66
Geoff Byron66
Jim Maude325
Fred Lakerink44
Keith Newby33
Phil Gallagher
Max Sharrock22
Peter Maurer11

Grade 2 Pointscores

Grade 2 Drivers Pointscores

These tables are missing Round 5

1Phil Nicholson6915
Rowan Quill94417
Keith Winter93315
Rod Martin99
Barry Farnell268
Graham Trounce66
Rob Willett66
Ross Comport325
Steve Beek44
Mike Welsh44
Steve McLaughlan33
David Mitchell123
John Bramman22
Chris Nielsen11
Peter de Vaus11

Grade 2 Navigators Pointscores

Geoff Rainbow6915
Graham Wallis94417
Peter Maurer93315
Geoff Byron99
Phil Gallagher268
Max Sharrock66
Fred Lakerink66
Helen Lister325
Robin Smalley44
Ken Price44
B. Anderson33
Helen Wylie123
Geoff Cuttriss22
David Ridley11
Nick Wright11

Clubman Pointscores

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

These tables are missing Round 5

1Keith Winter99624
David Mitchell46111
Mike Welsh99
Rod Martin99
Phil Nicholas3137
Chris Neilsen66
Alan Patterson426
Steve McLaughlan66
Wayne Taylor224
Derek Rawson44
Grant Pearson23
N. Boase32
Brett Hutchison11
Peter de Vaus11

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1Peter Maurer99624
Helen Wylie46111
Ken Price99
Geoff Byron99
Dave Cochrane3137
David Ridley66
B. Anderson66
Jim Davis44
Mark Laidlay224
John Wilkinson44
W. Davis33
Ian McKenzie22
Andrew Krastev11
Nick Wright11