1984 Daryl Tunbridge Memorial Trial

The Tunbridge Trial, organised by the Light Car Club Ballarat Branch, was held on 19 May. It was round 3 of the Western Region Trials Series.

The winners were Lindsay Dale & Trevor Bond.  Second were Barry Farnell/Phil Gallagher and third Geoff Byron and Gary Grealy.

Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarPoints Lost
1Lindsay DaleTrevor Bond35
2Barry FarnellPhil Gallagher36
3Geoff ByronGary Grealy41
4Graham MillardKathleen Millard44
5S HutchisonI Wallis63
6I YardB Beaverstock71
7E LeonciniG Leoncini82
8Noel CutlerB Clark86
9Leigh FirmanB Hutchins87
10Doug HughesGrant Pearson88

Detailed Results


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Other event documents

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