1984 Victorian Rally Championship

Six events were conducted. By entering all but one event and finishing in the top 3 places in four events, a consistent display by Peter “Pud” Thompson saw him take out the drivers championship. Second place went to Les Adams with Dinta Officer (by winning the only 2 rounds he competed in) and Humphrey Enter equal third.

Peter Thompson didn’t use the same navigator for each event so Tony Satori, navigating for Les Adams, took out the navigator’s championship. John Wardell, Humphrey Enter’s navigator, took out second with Simon Scott, navigating for Peter Thompson in three events, third.

Among all but the State Classified (Grade 1) crews, the crew comprising Les Adams and Tony Satori won the State Recognised Championships. Second were Humphrey Enter/John Wardell and Mike Welsh/Ken Price were third.

The Clubman Championship appears to have been won by Peter Thompson (from Swinburne Car Club) and David James on a close countback from Graeme Gambold and Doug Gould.

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Series Regulations

These were specified in Standing Regulations, but we don’t have a copy!

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events.

Awards were made for outright champions, State Recognised (previously Grade 2, Grade 3 also assumed to be eligible) and Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only).

In a change from previous years, in each division points were allocated 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 for first to  tenth with the best five results to count from the six rounds.


There were only six VRC events this year.  The Rich River Rally was initially postponed due to weather but was subsequently cancelled. The Sandi Surf Jeans Rally was originally scheduled for 28 September but we understand it was held 10 November, so it is round 6 in the scores tables. Click on each event to see further details, including results.

  1. Peter Stevens Begonia Rally (BLCC)
  2. North Eastern Rally (NECC)
  3. Camcrusher Rally (Rent-a-Wreck Stages, FFCC)
  4. Akademos Rally (MUCC)
  5. Myer City Centre Rally (AWDCC)
  6. Sandi Surf Jean Rally (ex Blue Ribbon, LCCA)

Outright Pointscores

Outright Drivers Pointscores

1Peter A Thompson2012201567
2Les Adams101581245
3Dinta Officer202040
3Humphrey Enter15215840
5Brian Smith122032
5Mike Welsh12108232
7Peter Thompson (SCC)106622
8J Reynolds61521
9Geoff Portman2020
10Graeme Gambold2410218
11Chris Wall1515
12Ian Thorpe11213
13David Adams1212
13David Brown21012
15David Chestnut63.5110.5
16Bob Watson1010
17Jim Kennedy88
17L Weston88
17Roger Moll88
20David Danks167
21Jeff Moorhead66
21Michael Morris336
23Chris Nielsen44
23Garry Harrowfield44
23Gary Grealy44
23Glen Cugley44
27Geoff McGuire3.53.5
28Alan Friend33
28Gerry Justus33
28Glen Bailey33
31Darren Turnbull22
32Greg Hoinville11
32Leslie Dowell11
32Neil Gehan11

Outright Navigators Pointscores

1Tony Satori101581245
2John Wardell15215840
3Simon Scott201535
4Ken Price12108232
4Ron Brown122032
6David James106622
7L Forrest61521
8Bruce Keys2020
8David McKenzie2020
8Kate Officer2020
8Scott Chirnside2020
12Chris Randell31215
12Jim Maude1515
14Doug Gould210214
14Helen Wylie112114
16Monty Suffern1212
16Neville Debney21012
18Kim Baxter63.5110.5
19Phil Rainer1010
20Greg Austen88
20Jim Davis88
20M Starr88
23Rodd Westwood167
24Geoff Floyd336
24Tom Mullins66
26David Hodge44
26David Ridley44
26Geoff Byron44
26Kayleen Slater44
26Peter Grossman44
31Pat Casey3.53.5
32Horton Poulter33
32Mal Owen33
34Gary Vollmer22
35John Bell11
35Sean Kelly11

State Recognised Pointscores

State Recognised

1Les Adams2020122072
2Humphrey Enter204201559
3Mike Welsh151510444
4Graham Gambold3615630
4Peter Thompson (SCC)1281030
6J Reynolds82028
7David Chestnut127423
8David Brown81220
9Ian Thorpe31518
10Jim Kennedy1515
11Glen Cugley41014
11Michael Morris10414
13David Danks21012
13Jeff Moorhead1212
13Roger Moll1212
16Alan Friend2810
16L Weston1010
18Gary Grealy88
19Geoff McGuire77
20Chris Nielsen66
20Gerry Justus66
20Neil Gehan66
23Barry Stewart314
23Glen Bailey44
25Andrew Martin33
25Darren Turnbull33
25Greg Hoinville33
28Adrian Kruger22
28Leslie Dowell22
28Rohan Teagle22
32Bruce Dillon11
32C Adams11
32Graig Morris11
32Ken Hartnell11
32Nick Humphris11

State Recognised Navigators Pointscores

1Tony Satori2020122072
2John Wardell204201559
3Ken Price151510444
4David James1281030
5L Forrest82028
6Doug Gould315624
7Kim Baxter127423
8Helen Wylie315321
9Neville Debney81220
10Jim Davis1515
11Geoff Floyd10414
11Kayleen Slater41014
13Greg Austen1212
13Rodd Westwood21012
13Tom Mullins1212
16Horton Poulter2810
16M Starr1010
18Geoff Byron88
19Pat Casey77
20David Ridley66
20John Bell66
20Mal Owen66
20Peter Grossman66
24Chris Randell44
24John Hammond314
26Gary Vollmer33
26Phillip Martin33
28Robert Garden22
28Scott Riddell22
28Sean Kelly22
32John Dowling11
32K Moore11
32Ray Hartnell11
32Robert Whitworth11

Clubman Pointscores

Best 5 results count, total shown in brackets where different.

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

1Peter Thompson (SCC)206151253
2Graeme Gambold212412151053 (55)
3David Chestnut2013½841½
4David Brown1542039
5J Reynolds152035
6David Danks3102033
7Glen Cugley101525
8Alan Friend101222
9Jeff Moorhead2020
10Barry Stewart8816
11Geoff McGuire13½13½
12Neil Gehan1212
13Gary Grealy1010
13Glen Bailey1010
15David Nugent639
15Gerry Justus189
17Darren Turnbull88
17Graig Morris88
19Adrian Kruger66
19Andrew Martin66
19Leslie Dowell66
19Rohan Teagle246
24Bruce Dillon44
24Ken Hartnell44
24Nick Humphris44
27C Adams33
27D Lockhart33
27Danny Kohan33
27Greg Willcocks33
31Chris Kurz22
31G Beanland22
31John Brann22
31Trevor Lyddieth22
35David Bamford11
35Graeme Palmer11
35Mark Tolcher11
35Paul Frisk11
35Scott Hope11

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1David James206151253
2Doug Gould2124151043
3Kim Baxter2013½841½
4Neville Debney1542039
5L Forrest152035
6Rodd Westwood3102033
7Kayleen Slater101525
8Horton Poulter101222
9Tom Mullins2020
10John Hammond8816
11Peter Grossman21214
12Pat Casey13½13½
13John Bell1212
14Chris Randell1010
14Geoff Byron1010
16Mal Owen189
16Peter Pfeifer639
18Gary Vollmer88
18Robert Whitworth88
20Phillip Martin66
20Robert Garden66
20Scott Riddell246
20Sean Kelly66
25John Dowling44
25Ray Hartnell44
28G Nicholls33
28K Moore33
28Mick Gidley33
32D Romano22
32James Stewart22
35David Tolcher11
35Garth Bradbury11
35Rod Beet11
35Terry Hope11
35Vicki Bamford11