1985 Valvoline No. 1 Rally

The No. 1 Rally, organised by the Geelong Motorsports Club, was held on 4 May.

It was Round two of the Western Regions Rally Series and won by Lindsay Dale & Geoff Byron. David Ackland and Noel Cutler were second and Barry Farnell and Phil Gallagher third.


Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarPoints Lost
1Lindsay DaleGeoff Byron21.5
2David AcklandNoel Cutler26.5
3Barry FarnellPhill Gallagher27.25
4Trevor StanleyTony Bond36.5
5R YoungB Garden49
6A RauA Young61.25
7Tim CollinsIan McKenzie69.75
=8Brian SemmensDan Parry70.25
=8Bruce CampbellM Clark70.25
10L ArnoldR Horsley75

Detailed Results


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Other event documents

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