1986 Victorian Rally Championship

While Geoff Portman and Peter Gale dominated this year’s VRC with three wins, there were some other outstanding performances from State Recognised and Clubman crews. In particular, when Portman faltered on the Akademos, Andrew and Peter Martin took the win, having placed third on the previous round and then second on the next round. They were just in contention for the overall championship but an “off” on the final round dashed those hopes and they had to settle for the runner up position and the State Recognised award.  The Clubman crew of Brendan McCashney and Grant Waddington easily won the Clubman award but along the way scored two outright seconds, placing third outright in the overall championship.

State Recognised Award: Andrew Martin / Philip Martin, Galant

Clubman Award: Brendan McCashney / Grant Waddington, Datsun Stanza

Production Rally Car Award: Graeme Gambold / Peter Grossman, Toyota Corolla / Celica GT

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Portman and Runnalls on the 86 Alpine

Series Regulations

These were specified in VRC Standing Regulations.

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events with between 50 km and 200 km of special stages.

Eligible vehicles were Group G and Production Rally Cars.

Awards were made for outright champions, State Recognised (previously Grade 2, Grade 3 also assumed to be eligible) and Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only).

This was also the first year in what turned out to be a five year transition away from Group G cars. This year an award was also introduced for the first Production Rally Car, a relatively innocuous first step, with more to come in the following years.

In each division points were allocated 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 for first to  tenth. If five or more events were held, competitors dropped their worst (or no) score. With five rounds, one results was dropped, but no-one scored in every round except for McCashney and Waddington in the Clubman award, and it made no difference.


There were only five VRC events this year. The Zodiac Rally was calendared as Round 2 and Sheptember Stages as Round 5 but both were cancelled.

  1. Begonia Rally (BLCC)
  2. Blue Ribbon Rally (LCCA)
  3. Akademos Rally (MUCC)
  4. George Derrick Memorial Rally (CCRMIT)
  5. Melton Toyota Djerriwarrh Rally (MMSC)

Outright Pointscores

Outright Drivers Pointscores

1Geoff Portman2012202072
2Andrew Martin12201547
3Brendan McCashney1581538
4=Jeff Moorhead1561031
4=Grant Walker10310831
6Glen Gugley4841228
7Keith Morling121022
8David Officer2020
9Alan Friend1516½
10Rowan Quill12315
11Gordon Douglas8614
12David Grieg18413
13Peter A Thompson1010
14David Brown639
15Graeme Gambold14
16Warwick Freemantle66
17=John Reynolds66
17=Eric Pietila325
19Rohan Teagle44
20Allan Johnson33
21=Jeff Langerway22
21=Steve McLaughlan22
21=David Adams22
24=Craig Morris11
24=Ron King11

Outright Navigators Pointscores

1Peter Gale2012202072
2Philip Martin12201547
3Grant Waddington1581538
4Denis O’Brien10310831
5Kayleen Slater4841228
6Michael Sherlock121022
7Tom Mullins15621
8Kate Officer2020
9Horton Poulter1516½
10Paul Paterson12315
11=David Vears18413
11=Ian McKenzie31013
13Noel Richards1010
14Neville Debney639
15Gary Mackee88
16Peter Grossman14
17=Adrian Spring66
17=Gordon Reynolds66
17=B. McNee66
20John Alatalo325
21Andrew Robbins44
22=Paul Tirant22
22=Rick Thorpe22
22=Chris Randell22
25=Michael Morris11
25=B. Norton11

State Recognised Pointscores

These points are on the basis that Clubman crew are eligible for the State Recognised award. This concurs with the points in the MUCC Unicar Magazine but does not concur with the points in the 1987 CAMS Victorian Rally Bulletin.

State Recognised Drivers Pointscores

1Andrew Martin15202055
2Brendan McCashney20102050
3Jeff Moorhead20181241
4Grant Walker124121038
5Glen Cugley61061537
6Keith Morling151227
7Rowan Quill115622
8David Greig410620
9Alan Friend1517½
10David Brown12416
11Graeme Gambold12813½
12=Rohan Teagle10111
12=Eric Pietila8311
14=Warwick Freemantle88
14=John Reynolds88
16Jeff Langerway66
17=Allan Johnson44
17=Ron King44
19=Andrew McCathie33
19=Steve McLaughlan33
19=Bruce Campbell33
22=Doug Fernie22
22=Craig Morris22
22=Peter R. Thompson22
25Adrian Kruger11

State Recognised Navigators Pointscores

1Philip Martin15202055
2Grant Waddington20102050
3Denis O’Brien124121038
4Kayleen Slater61061537
5Tom Mullins201829
6Michael Sherlock151227
7Paul Paterson115622
8David Vears410620
9Horton Poulter1517½
10=Neville Debney12416
10=Ian McKenzie41216
12Peter Grossman12813½
13=Andrew Robbins10111
13=John Alatalo8311
15=Adrian Spring88
15=Gordon Reynolds88
17Paul Tirant66
18Bryce Norton44
19=Ian Swenser33
19=Rick Thorpe33
19=Tim Collins33
22=Bryan Oliver22
22=Michael Morris22
22=David James22
25Bob Garden11

Clubman Pointscores

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

1Brendan McCashney82012202080 (72)
2Eric Pietila1510101550
3Rohan Teagle2061238
4Andrew McCathie1012830
5Steve McLaughlan2020
6=Allan Johnson15318
6=Adrian Kruger81018
8Ron King11516
9=Trevor Woods34815
9=Craig Morris1515
11Gerry Justus26614
12=Jeff Langerway1212
12=Bruce Campbell1212
14Michael Reeves1010
15Steve Lunn88
17Ingmar Kulnieks6
17Noel Cutler66
18=Bob Findlay44
18=Andrew Barnes44
18=Rob Willett44
18=W. Drew44
22=Joe Brick33
22=Kevin Wilson33
22=R. Morow33
25=Mark Shedley22
25=Pat Ryan22
25=M. McKenzie22
28Denis Baker
29=Edgar Hains11
29=David Jordon11
29=Peter Beanland11

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1Grant Waddington82012202080 (72)
2Andrew Robbins2061238
3=John Alatalo151530
3=Ian Swenser1012830
5Rick Thorpe2020
6Bob Garden81018
7=Alan Campbell34815
7=Ian McKenzie1515
7=Michale Morris1515
7=Bryce Norton1515
11=Paul Tirant1212
11=Tim Collins1212
13=Andrew Gray1010
13=Mike Rebbechi1010
13=David Proctor1010
16David Burns88
17Dave Smith6
18=Brenda Cutler66
18=Bill Johnston66
18=Peter Lochner66
21=Terry Maslen44
21=Graeme Carson44
21=Fred Lakerink44
21=J. Matheson44
25=Susan Day33
25=John Wilson33
25=A. McKenzie33
25=D. Williams33
29=Malcolm Owen22
29=Thomas Robertson22
29=Des Ryan22
29=K. McKenzie22
33Wal Rickard
34=Stephen Young11
34=Ahmet Uzunoglu11
34=Michael Dalton11
34=Rick Hunter11

PRC Pointscores

The following tables may not be completely accurate as we do not have full results for some of the events. They are taken from the MUCC Unicar Magazine but do not fully agree with the points in the 1987 CAMS Victorian Rally Bulletin.

PRC Drivers Pointscores

1Graeme Gambold1515152065
2Rowan Quill20201555
3Andrew McCathie20121547
4Peter R. Thompson10810121050 (42)
5Geoffrey Maguire1210628
6Mike Welsh8?10422
7Warwick Freemantle2020
8David Adams1212
9Ingmar Kulneiks811½
10S. McColl8210
11Roger Young6?28
12Denis Baker4?
13Paul Frisk617
14Bruce Robertson66
15Stephen Taylor44
16N. Letty33
17Joel Wald11

PRC Navigators Pointscores

1Peter Grossman1515152065
2Paul Paterson20201555
3Ian Swenser20121547
4Dave James10810121050 (42)
5Adrian Spring2020
6Ken Price8?1018
7Patrick Casey10616
8=Martin Weneke1212
8=Chris Randell1212
10Dave Smith811½
11P. Brandell8210
12Mick Clarke6?28
13Wal Rickard
14Garth Bradbury617
15Chris Robson66
16=Mark Laidlay44
16=S. Smith44
17K. Stewart33
18Cameron Jay11