1987 Victorian Rally Championship

The introduction of dual points for Group G and PRC cars was always going to make this year’s VRC an interesting affair, with the possibility of a consistently performing PRC car taking the title without even getting a podium on any round. But the dominance of Geoff Portman and Peter Gale in the Group G Datsun 1600 seemed to assure them another championship, that was, until the Akademos when a blown engine produced a DNF and no points.

Graeme Gambold and Doug Gould performed consistently in the PRC  group in their Toyota Corolla with four wins and a fourth, and placed as high as third outright.  Going into the final round, the Alpine, the two crews were equal on points but Gambold/Gould would have to drop one score. So in the unlikely event that Gambold was to win the Alpine, Portman would need to finish second.  More realistically, if Gambold placed  higher than fourth PRC then Portman would have to finish and score some points. In any case, Portman and Gales convincingly won the Alpine and took the championship by 4 points from Gambold and Gould, technically 14 points once Gambold/Gould dropped their worst result.

State Recognised Driver Award: David Greig, Datsun 1600

Stage Recognised Navigator Award: Doug Gould (navigating for Graeme Gambold)

Clubman Award: Michael Reeves / David Proctor, Datsun 1600

Production Rally Car Award: Graeme Gambold / Doug Gould, Toyota TE71

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Portman and Runnalls on the 86 Alpine

Series Regulations

These were specified in the VRC Standing Regulation, but we do not have a copy.

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events.

Eligible vehicles were Group G and Production Rally Cars.

Awards were made for outright champions, State Recognised (previously Grade 2, Grade 3 also assumed to be eligible), Clubman (Grades 3 and 4 only) and Production Rally Car.

In this second year of transition away from Group G cars, the outright award gave equal points for Group G and PRC cars, effectively producing two parallel championships. The overall winner would potentially be determined by additional 4-3-2-1 points for outright placings.

In each division points were allocated 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 for first to  tenth.

If five or more events were held, competitors dropped their worst (or no) score, but in the end there were only five rounds.so with five rounds, one was dropped.


Outright Pointscores

These tables have been reconstructed from the available results.

Outright Drivers Pointscores

Outright Navigators Pointscores

State Recognised Pointscores

State Recognised Drivers Pointscores

1David Greig1515201060
2Graeme Gambold101512845
3John Reynold202040
4Michael Reeves212121036
5Ross Fraser1031528
6Chris Neilsen101525
7Peter R. Thompson20323
8Trevor Nixon882321
9R. Bates2020
10Mark Smedley8421419 (18)
11Allan Johnson123217
12Eric Pietila1212
13=Neil Wrigley268
13=Andrew Brent88
15=Ron Brown66
15=Stephen Lunn66
15=Trevor Woods66
15=Glen Cuthbert66
19=Rohan Teagle44
19=Gerry Justus44
19=Laurie Weston44
22Gary Kendrick33
23=Rob Willet11
23=Anthony Morrow11
23=Simon Duerden11
23=Bruce Robertson11

State Recognised Navigators Pointscores

1Doug Gould101512845
2David Boyce202040
3David Proctor212121036
4=David Vears151530
4=Paul Tirant201030
6Ashley Fraser1031528
7David Ridley101525
8David James20323
9Dean Nixon882321
10G. Kiebba2020
11Thomas Robertson8421419 (18)
12Ian McKenzie123217
13Mike Rebbechi1212
14=Wayne Couacaud268
14=Bryce Norton88
16=Dwayne Sincalir66
16=Andrew Robbins46
16=David Burns66
16=Alan Campbell66
16=Niel Cuthbert66
21=Peter Lochner44
21=David Gallacher44
23Barbara Kendrick33
24=Fred Lakerink11
24=D. James11
24=Mark Rowe11
24=Chris Robson11

Clubman Pointscores

Clubman Drivers Pointscores

1Michael Reeves620201561
2Ross Fraser15152052½
3Trevor Nixon151212847
4Mark Smedley15104101049 (45)
5Allan Johnson206632
6Andrew Brent½32023½
7Neil Wrigley810422
8Gary Kendrick821819
9Rohan Teagle10616
10=Gerry Justus8614
10=Glen Cuthbert21214
12=Ron Brown1212
12=Stephen Lunn1212
14Simon Duerden336
15=Rob Willet44
15=Nigel Letty44
15=Graham Palmer44
18=Craig Morris½3
18=Joel Wald33
20=Trevor Lyddieth22
20=Robert Gregory22
22=Jamie Adams11
22=John Seymour11
24=Steuart Snook½½
24=Peter Schey½½

Clubman Navigators Pointscores

1David Proctor620201561
2Ashley Fraser15152052½
3Dean Nixon151212847
4Thomas Robertson15104101049 (45)
5Ian McKenzie206632
6Bryce Norton32023
7=Barbara Kindrick82818
7=Wayne Couacaud81018
9Andrew Robbins10616
10=Peter Lochner8614
10=Neil Cuthbert21214
12=Dwayne Sinclair1212
12=David Burns1212
14Mark Rowe336
15Cameron Jay½4
16=Fred Lakerink44
16=Ron Gottschalk44
16=Rod Beet44
19David Vears33
20Michael Morris
21=James Stewart22
21=Andrew Sietsma22
23=Bill Moulding11
23=George Adams11
23=Peter Beanland11
26=Bryce Norton½½
26=Edgar Hains½½
26=Neil Schey½½