1988 Maryborough Blue Ribbon Rally (incorporating the George Derrick Memorial Rally)

The Blue Ribbon Rally was jointing organised by the Light Car Club of Australia and the Car Club of RMIT and ran on October 8.

When the George Derrick Memorial Rally, scheduled for September, was cancelled due to weather conditions, the Director, Rick Thorpe, combined forces with Phil Wylie, Director of the Blue Ribbon, to run a combined event. The Blue Ribbon Derrick ran around the city of Maryborough.

Victorian Rally Championship Round 2

While the winners were David Greig and Paul Tirant in their Group G Datsun 1600, it was encouraging for the plans to transition away from Group G to see PRC and Clubman cars filling the places down to seventh. Eric Pietila and Mike Rebbechi finished a close second in the PRC Mazda 323, just 23 seconds adrift. Ross and Ashley Fraser followed up on their excellent performance in the previous year’s Alpine by finishing third and first Clubman car.

Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarGroupTimeState RecognisedClubmanNovice
1David GreigPaul TirantDatsun 1600G1:03:26
2Eric PietilaMike RebbechiMazda 323PRC1:03:491
3Ross FraserAshley FraserDatsun 1600Clubman1:04:182
4Keith MorlingPaul PatersonVolvo 240TPRC1:05:07
5David JonesPeter CurtainHolden Commodore V8PRC1:05:11
6Greg HoinvilleMichael CainsFord Escort MkIIClubman1:05:2431
7Grant WalkerDenis O’BrienFord Escort MkIIClubman1:05:45
8Mark SmedleyJoel WaldNissan BluebirdG1:05:504
9Dean NixonTrevor NixonSubaru RX TurboPRC1:05:5452
10Simon DuerdenMichael CarrollDatsun 1600G1:06:12631
11Geoff MaguirePatrick CaseyFord Escort MkIIPRC1:06:277
12Neil CuthbertColin ElliotDatsun 1600G1:06:3384
13Peter FyfeDenis BakerMazda 323 4WD TPRC1:06:55952
14Geoff PortmanRobin SmalleyMazda RX-7PRC1:07:10
15Glen CugleyAlan JohnsonDatsun 1600G1:07:11
16Grant HorePaul LoughnanDatsun 1600G1:07:341063
17Greg (?) BeanlandRick HunterDatsun 1600G1:08:1874
18Barry CollinsBill ClarkDatsun 1600G1:08:278
19Nigel LettyCameron JayToyota T18 GTPRC1:08:399
20Alan WilsonJohn WilsonIsuzu GeminiG1:08:49105
21Greg WalkerTerry NixonFord Escort RS2000PRC1:09:126
22Alan UptonMichael CocksDaihatsu Charade TPRC1:09:17
23Brendan EdgertonGraeme HoldingMitsubishi LancerG1:09:277
24Mike DaltonDeanne WescombeDatsun 1600G1:09:51
25John BrachJohn HummMitsubishi LancerG1:12:238
26Bernard PhelanRyan IrwinFord EscortG1:12:359
28Barry CrockerCody CrockerMitsubishi LancerG1:13:1510


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