1988 Bright North Eastern

The Bright North Eastern Rally, organised by the North Eastern Car Club, was held on November 27. The event was added the VRC when the Derrick was cancelled to ensure the series had four rounds. It took the date of the cancelled Alpine Rally.

Victorian Rally Championship Round 4

 It was a break-through win for Eric Pietila and local, Mike Rebbechi, in the Mazda 323 4WD turbo. It was not only Pietila’s first VRC round win but was also the first VRC round win for a PRC car. David Greig and Paul Tirant had all but wrapped up the series and scored a great second place.

Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarGroupTimeState RecognisedClubmanNovice
1Eric PietilaMike RebbechiMazda 323 4WD tPRC2:40:151
2David GreigPaul TirantDatsun 1600G2:42:18
3Pat BarberJim MaudeFord Laser RX3 4WD tPRC2:44:0721
4Geoff PortmanRobin SmalleyMazda RX-7PRC2:45:53
5Mark SmedleyJoel WaldNissan BluebirdG2:48:203
6Kevin RobenGreg DayDatsun 1600G2:49:0042
7Geoff MaguirePatrick CaseyFord Escort RS2000PRC2:50:025
8Simon DuerdenMichael CarrollDatsun 1600G2:50:32631
9Terry NaishNeil CookDatsun 1600G2:52:1774
10Darren GoodGrant CaryHolden GeminiG2:52:2185
11Peter FyfeGerry BashfordMazda 323 4WD tPRC2:52:30962
12Greg HoinvilleMichael CainsFord Escort MkIIClub2:52:39107
13Phil DownsAnnette HowarthDatsun 1600G2:53:308
14Terry GoodeLyn FredericksDatsun 1200G2:56:5493
15John RawsonDarren SnooksMitsubishi GalantG2:57:13
16Phil LyonsBob MartinDatsun 1600G2:57:18104
17Michael DaltonDeanne WescombeDatsun 1600G2:57:25
18Peter BeanlandRick HunterDatsun 1600G2:57:37
19Greg WalkerTerry NixonFord Escort RS2000PRC2:58:075
20Rob DevenishDanny MurphyDatsun 1600G3:01:52
21Michael ParkerGary CookFord Escort MkIIG3:03:346
22Alan UptonMichael CocksDaihatsu Charade TPRC3:03:57
23Vance WheelerShane DavisDatsun 1600G3:04:597
24Paul LeicesterSteve DunbarHolden Commodore V8PRC3:06:468
25Jack BerryDerryl LennaneFord Escort MkIIPRC3:06:47
26Ross CunninghamJim ForrestDatsun 1600G3:07:22
27Gary HowardBruce FluchDatsun 1600G3:10:22
28Peter MillBrian HuntDatsun 1600G3:16:089
29Ray CarrMatthew CarrDatsun 1600G3:16:5910


18 special stages, 181.93 km of competition,

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