1989 BP Visco 2000 Alpine Rally

The BP Visco 2000 Alpine Rally, organised by the Light Car Club of Australia, was held on April 28-30.

Once again directed by Stuart and Helen Lister, with the event moved to earlier in the year to avoid the road damage and problems associated with winter and late spring rains. The event was again based on the Lake Hume Resort but at BP’s request, included a Melbourne start on the Friday, which was from BP Somerton, before taking in a stage at Porsche Park, a stage in Reef Hills and two stages in Killawarra. The reminder of the event used traditional forest and plantations around Beechworth, Myrtleford and Bright. The event ran in dry weather and only lost two stages prior to the event due to logging operations.

Australian Rally Championship Round 2

Victorian Rally Championship Round 4

Greg Carr and Mick Harker were clear winners of the ARC event in the Lancia Delta Integrale, finishing more than 3 minutes clear of Murray Coote and Iain Stewart  in a Mazda 323 Familia. Ed Ordynski and Lyn Wilson were a distant third in a Galant VR4, 15 minutes further back.

The VRC route did not include the final two stages, but crews in PRC cars could enter the ARC category and the VRC category. Pat Barber and Jim Maude were victorious in the VRC round in the Laser TX3, also placing fourth in the ARC. Likewise, the Clubman crew of Dean and Trevor Nixon placed second in the VRC round in their Subaru RX Turbo, also placing 9th in the ARC round. Greg Hoinville and Michael Cains boosted their championship score by entering as a Clubman car, even though their car was eligible for PRC. They placed fourth but were first Clubman Car, so picking up maximum points. It all nearly came unstuck when they had an unfortunate head-on collision with an official on the final transport and only just made it to the finish within their late time after undertaking major repairs.

Results and entry list

ARC Results

1Greg CarrMick HarkerLancia Delta Integrale5:43:09
2Murray CooteIain StewartMazda 323 Familua5:46:55
3Ed OrdynskiLyn WilsonMitsubishi Galant VR-46:02:54
4Pat BarberJim MaudeFord Laser TX36:08:21
5George KahlerTony BestMazda 323 Familia6:08:45
6Peter GlenniePeter ClarkSubaru RX Turbo6:08:50
7Jon WaterhouseRuss WhittyMazda RX-76:10:15
8Geoff KeysBill ThurleyMazda 323 Familia6:14:11
9Dean NixonTrevor NixonSubaru RX Turbo6:16:30
10Bruce RoberstonIan EndersMazda 323 Familia6:18:36

VRC Results

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarGroupTimeState RecognisedClubmanNovice
1Pat BarberJim MaudeFord Laser TX3PRC6:05:251
2Dean NixonTrevor NixonSubaru RX TurboPRC6:13:4221
3Bruce RoberstonIan EndersMazda 323 FamiliaPRC6:15:403
4Greg HoinvilleMichael CainsFord Escort MkIIClubman6:17:384
5Andrew BrentBryce NortonDatsun 1600Clubman6:18:2352
6Glen CuthbertPeter GaleFord Escort MkIIClubman6:20:1063
7John ReynoldsDavid BoyceMazda 323 FamiliaPRC6:20:427
8Terry NaishNeil CookDatsun 1600PRC6:20:5784
9Paul PatersonWarwick SmithDatsun 1600Clubman6:22:3495
10Norm FritterDale PayneHolden Commodore V8PRC6:28:2610
11Neil CuthbertDaryl AdamsDatsun 1600Clubman6:28:306
12Bruce DillonJohn DowlingFord EscortPRC6:30:587
13Gary KendrickRon GottschalkHolden Commodore V8PRC6:32:138
14Brendan EdgertonGraeme HoldingMitsubishi LancerPRC6:42:1591
15Keith MorlingRay DanielVolvo 240TPRC6:46:50
16Robert GregoryAdrian SietsmaMitsubishi LancerClubman6:50:3110
17Paul LeicesterStephen DunbarHolden Commodore V8PRC6:51:342
18John TilbrookAlan BakerMitsubishi Cordio GSRPRC7:04:063


Other event documents

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