1989 Experts Trial

The Experts Trial, organised by the LCCA, was held on 29 September.

The event was round one (or two – TBC) of the Victorian Trials Series and was won by Paul Patterson and Warwick Smith. Second were Gerald Becton and Ross Runnalls, followed by Steve Ashton and David McKenzie.

1989 Experts Cover
1989 Experts Cover

Results and entry list

PlaceDriverNavigatorCarPoints Lost
1Paul PattersonWarwick Smith135
2Gerald BectonRoss Runnalls166
3Steve AshtonDavid McKenzie1771st Grade 2
4John RawsonDave Smith247
=5Pat BarberStuart Lister253
=5Graham WallisPhillip Nicholas253
7David OfficerGeoff Byron267
8Robert GregoryAdrian Sietsma3081st Grade 4
9Tony AhearneNick Wright362
10Rob PlenterHughes3891st Grade 3

Detailed Results


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Other event documents

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