1991 Stadium RallySprint

The Stadium RallySprint, organised by the Light Car Club of Australia, was held on 7 December.

This event was organized by Simon Brown after he had used the Showgrounds oval as the final stage of the 1991 Alpine Rally. Whilst the event was LCCA organised, it saw significant entries from the emerging Historic Rally Association and drew more people to historic rallying.

The oval is now gone and only one of the stands remains.

The winner was Graham Alexander.


Results and entry list

PlaceDriverCarTime Penalty
1Graham Alexander4:42.56
2Graeme Wise4:54.71
3Bruce Robertson4:55.46
4Paul Glover4:57.96
5 (1st 2WD)Gordon Douglas5:00.34
6Gerry Bashford5:00.80

Detailed Results


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