1993 Lombard London - Sydney Marathon

The Lombard London-Sydney Marathon was organised Nick Brittan through his company, Trans World Events. It was conducted ostensibly to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon and was restricted to pre-1970 cars. The event attracted over a hundred entries and included 8 of the original cars and 25 original competitors. It started in London on April 17 and finished at the Sydney Opera House on May 16.

Unlike the 1968 event, this Marathon was a special stage event, but nevertheless sought to follow much of the original route. However, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were not accessible so the event airlifted the field from Turkey to India and then from India to Perth. Two Antonov An-124 cargo planes were used which required the field to be limited to 106 cars.

The route through Europe was fairly leisurely with crews taking 11 days to reach Ankara in Turkey. Then there were 7 days in India high temperatures making conditions very challenging. There had been 19 special stages totalling only 300 km before the airlift to Australia. Furthermore, all those stages had predominantly been on tarmac. Everyone knew that the real competition, as in 1968, was to be in Australia.

The 1968 3 day dash across Australia was replaced with an 8 day meander that included 22 daylight special stages totalling about 1000 km and overnight stops in Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Eucla, Port Augusta, Broken Hill, Wangaratta and Canberra. The Road Director of the Australian segment was Bob Watson.

The event was won by Francis Tuthill and Anthony Showell in a Porsche 911. Australian Ian Vaughan, who placed third in the 1968 event, came second in the original Falcon, with co-driver Barry Lake.

Another Australian was Bruce Hodgson, who placed sixth in 1968 but came eighth this time in a similar Falcon, together with co-driver Ronald Lawton.

Locals Steve Ashton and Ro Nixon finished tenth in their Datsun 1600, but would have finished as high as third but for a roll in Glass Gorge in the Flinders Ranges.


Francis Tuthill and Anthony Showell at the Sydney Opera House

Results and entry list

Entry List

1Francis TuthillAnthony ShowellPorsche 91113:36:11
2Ian VaughanBarry LakeFord Falcon XT GT13:50:31
3Mike KirklandCirspin SassoonPeugeot 50413:58:10
4Roger ClarkTony MoyFord Escort MkI13:58:47
5Graham LorimerGary SmithFord Escort MkI13:59:32
6Colin ShortNick StarkeyFord Escort MkI14:10:45
7David HorseyMichael KearnsPeugeot 50414:11:28
8Bruce HodgsonRonald LawtonFord Falcon XT GT14:14:23
9Dean RainsfordBen RainsfordFord Mustang14:18:10
10Steve AshtonRo NixonDatsun 160014:21:35

Extract from Provisional Results


We do not have details of the route in Europe and Asia.

The Australian route comprised 22 daylight special stages totalling 1000 km but the stage after Broken Hill was cancelled due to wet weather. The longest special stage was 168 km on the Nullarbor between Zanthus and Balladonia.

Itinerary and Stage Plots

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