2000 Victorian Rally Championship

It was a closely fought VRC in 2000 with reigning champions Scott Peddar and Paul Humm narrowly winning the championship. Peddar and Humm won four of the six rounds in their Lancer Evo 3, but failed to score in the other two. Brett Thomson and Rob Vanderee placed well in every round in their Galant VR4, accumulating more points, but it appears they had to drop their worst result, relegating them to second place on a countback of wins.

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Series Regulations

These were specified in the VRC Standing Regulations, but we don’t have a copy. They are assumed to be similar to previous and subsequent years, but there appear to be some changes to the points scale and points for dual heat events were  subject to some uncertainty. Class points adopted the same scale as for outright.

The VRC was made up exclusively of Special Stage events.

Eligible vehicles were PRC, Group N and HRC.

Awards were made for outright champions, 2WD and Novice. There were also car class awards as follows: PRC 2WD up to 1400cc, PRC 2WD 1401-1600cc, PRC 2WD 1601-2000cc, PRC 2WD over 2000cc, PRC 4WD, Group N under 1400cc, Group N 1401-1600cc, Group N 1601-2000cc, Group N over 2000cc and Historic Rally Cars.

All awards were allocated 20-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for first to  tenth.  For dual heat events, namely Rally of Melbourne, it appears that the placing in each heat were awarded notional points then the overall event results was based on those points! It also seems that the best four of five results were counted, which this year had a dramatic impact on the championship.

Series Registration was introduced in 1994 and only registered competitors were eligible for points. However, bona fide Victorian competitors were automatically recognised as registered! Class awards required competitors to complete in at least 50% of the events.


There were 5 VRC events this year. The Djerriwarrah Rally was calendared as Round 5 but was cancelled. 

  1. Rally in the Valley – Results in March Unicar
  2. Strzelecki Stages  – Results in May Unicar
  3. Rally of Melbourne (also ARC) – Results, both ARC and VRC, in Aug Unicar, VRC Results revised in Dec Unicar
  4. North Eastern Rally – Results in Dec Unicar
  5. Cooper Memorial Rally – Results in Dec Unicar

Outright Pointscores

The points below  are yet to be validated.

Outright Drivers Pointscores

1Scott Peddar2010202070
2Brett Thomson161216161664 (76)
3Mark Fawcett10162141454 (56)
4=Mark Peddar810128638 (44)
4=Ian Martin1420438
6Graeme Gambold841224
7=Darren Windus2020
7=Glenn Mitchell461020
7=David Nutter126220
10Philip Messer10818
11=Danny Murphy1414
11=Craig Dawson1414
13David Stannus11213
14Neil Cuthbert89
15Darren Crozier617
16Peter Evans66
17=Rob Davis44
17=Murray Rogers414
19Peter Montgomery123
20=Andrew Pannam22
20=Steven Porter22
20=Kaills Lazdins22
23Alan Wilson11

Outright Co-Drivers Pointscores

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2WD Pointscores

2WD Drivers Pointscores

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2WD Co-Drivers Pointscores

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Novice Pointscores

Novice Drivers Pointscores

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Novice Co-Drivers Pointscores

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Class Awards

PRC 2WD under 1400cc: not awarded

PRC 2WD 1400-1600cc: Murray Roger / Ross Green, Toyota Sprinter

PRC 2WD 1600-2000cc: Darren Crozier, Isuzu Gemini PF60
Co-driver: Joe Brkic (with Andrew Pannam)

PRC 2WD over 2000cc: Russell Hocking / Sue McCready, Ford Falcon XR6 

PRC 4WD:Scott Peddar/ Paul Humm, Lancer Evo 3

Group N under 1400cc: not awarded

Group N 1401-1600cc: not awarded

Group N: 1601-2000cc: not awarded

Group N over 2000cc: Mark Fawcett / Tony Boyd, Subaru Impreza WRX

HRC: Barry Rowe / Natasha Rowe, MGB GT