2006 Akademos Rally

The Akademos was conducted by the Melbourne University Car Club and was held on May 7. The Director was Peter Otzen. The event was pace-noted with recce on the Saturday.

Victorian Rally Championship Round 3

The 2006 Akademos was conducted in the Rubicon Blue Range area nut was dramatically affected by severe wet weather. Only three stages and 44 km of competition was salvaged.
Eli Evans and Matt McAdam were winners in their Subaru Impreza WRX by a comfortable 36 second margin from eventual champions Justin Dowel and Matt Lee in a Lancer Evo6.5. Jesse and Sam Robison were third in a Subaru Legacy RS. Gavin Edwards and Rhiannon Smyth placed fourth and took the 2WD honours in a Datsun  240Z.

Results and entry list


The event was planned over four stages in the Blue Range and Snobs Creek areas, repeated with a midday service in Thornton. On the first pass SS2 was abandoned and traversed in liaison and after the wet weather worsened, the entire second pass was abandoned, in part at the request of the forester.

Itinerary and stage plots

Other event documents

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