2010 George Derrick Memorial Rally

The 2010 George Derrick Memorial Rally, organised by the Car Club of RMIT, was run on July 17 in the Avoca area, The Clerk of Course was Andrew Roseman. It was a blind rally, i.e. no recce and no pace notes.

Victorian Rally Championship Round 3

Victorian Club Rally Series Round 3

The event was won by Nathan Reeves and Scott Spedding in a Subaru Impreza WRX STi, with a win on Heat 1 and second on Heat2, which was won by Jesse Robinson and Adam Wright, also in a Subaru WRX.

The VCRS Round was won by Simon Ellis and Ian Ellis in a Subaru Legacy RS.

Results and entry list

VRC Results

VCRS Results


The VRC Round was conducted over nine special stages with the first four constituting Heat 1 and the remaining five stages Heat 2. SS2 was repeated as SS8 and SS4 as SS7. Other stages while different did have some common road usage.

The VCRS event used the same route but did not contest SS1 and SS2.

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