2014 Marysville Stages

The  Marysville Stages, organised by the Ford Four Car Club, was held on April 12.

Victorian Rally Championship Round 2
Victorian Club Rally Series Round 2

The event was conducted in its traditional area around Marysville. The VRC was conducted fully in daylight while the VCRS event was conducted at night. The event included the “Marysville Marathon” which was a combination of both the VRC event and VCRS event. The event also included the Camcrusher Introductory Trial and the Anglia Memorial Rally.

The VRC round was dominated by Justin Dowell and Scott Spedding in their Mitsuibsih Lancer Evo X with wins on both heats.

Brian Semmens and Dan Parry were winners of the VCRS round in a Nissan 200SX RV S12.


Results and entry list

VRC Results

VCRS Results


The VRC event used 6 special stages, SS1-4 constituting Heat 1 and SS 5 and 6 Heat 2.

The VCRS event used 6 sections.

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