2015 Neerim Classic

The Neerim Classic, organised by the Nissan Car Club of Australia and directed by Keith Cuttle, was held on 28 February.

It was round one of the VCRS. The winners were Cary Seabrook and Rhiannon Philpot-Hale in a Datsun Stanza. Second were Daryl and Paul King in a Toyota Celica with Andrew Taylor and Ben Courtney in a Datsun Sunny third.

For some insights to the event, we can report the following “Gossip from HQ”:

17:45: Oh no! Car 7 – Ian Martin – has already broken down 12 km into Stage 1 in his newly acquired VL turbo…
17:55: Car 16 -Triston Casey – seems to have stopped next to car 7 for a cup of tea!
Maybe the two turbo rear wheel drive cars are comparing notes?
Oh dear, car 7 blew a head gasket… šŸ™
18:55: Car 36 has lost a wheel!
18:57: Car 45 has stopped in Stage 1. Mechanical. Service crew will need to recover them…
19:09: Oops. Sorry, scores were calculating to the minute. We are fixing it now…
19:53: Hoorah! Scoring to the minute now fixed.
21:40: Uh oh. The rains are coming….
22:25: Car 9 – Miron – is back at HQ earlier than expected. Overshot a corner. No major damage. Time for a beer.
00:56: Just waiting for car 40 to commence the last stage, then we can pack up and go home…. yay!
02:15 Some minor problems in the results with some of the cars that skipped some stages. We will fix it tomorrow.Good night!

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