2017 South West Stages (Vic and SA)

The South West Stages, organised by the South East Auto Club (SEAC), was held on 7 October. The apparent confusion in regard to directions stems from the club being based in Mt Gambier. The event name is presumably based on it being a Victorian VCRS event (round 5) whereas the club name relates to its location in South Australia. However, the event was also round 5 of the SA Rally Championship,  round 4 of the SA Clubman Championship, round 5 of the SEAC Trials Series and round 7 of the HRA Rally Championship!

The Clerk of Course was Nathan Lowe assisted by deputy Jim Combe.

The VCRS winners were Alan Friend and Michelle Canning in a Nissan Silvia. Cary Seabrook and Rhiannon Philpot-Hale were second in a Datsun Stanza and Dale Cagney and Mark Dycer third in a Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIII. Neither 1st or 3rd were eligible for VCRS points because they didn’t compete in a VCRS round in the first half of the season, so the 2nd and 3rd VCRS points scorers were Colin Sichlau / Greg Hilton and Aidan O’Halloran / Stuart Armstrong and respectively.

The SA State Championship component was won by Gary Brown and Mike Dale in a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 with Marc Butler and Peter Sims first 2wd in a Honda Civic. The first SA Clubman crew were Mark Jennings and Kevin Raedel in a Ford Falcon XR6.

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