2018 Victorian Club Rally Championship

The 2018 Victorian Club Rally Championship was won by Aiden Peart and Stuart Armstrong in a Datsun 260Z – they also won the 2WD, Senior Cup and Class D championships. Cody Richards and Matthew Dillon in a Ford Escort Mk2 were second overall and won the Class C championship. Third were Colin Sichlau and Greg Hilton in a Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIV – they also won Class E. The Champion Club award was won by HRA on 1,560 points, ahead of NCCA in second on 1,456. CCRMIT were third on 1,393.

Other awards were:

Novice and Class A: Driver – Adrian Stratford, Navigator – Kain Manning

See below for Senior and Junior Cup and Class awards.

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Series Regulations

These were specified in the VCRS Regulations, which were the same as the previous year except for minor corrections.

The VCRS was made up exclusively of Special Stage events with competitive distances ideally between 100 and 160 km. Some rounds were “stand alone” events and others piggy-backed on a Victorian Rally Championship round. Where run in conjunction with a VRC event, the VCRS course was always shorter, typically by excluding the last special stage of the VRC event.

Pace noting was not permitted. For “stand alone” rounds, A-B timing was used and some night time running was encouraged. Event start order was determined using driver state seedings.

Eligible vehicles were PRC, Group N, Historic Rally Cars, Classic Rally Cars, Club Rally Cars and Cross Country Cars.  There were also five classes based on engine capacity.

To be eligible for points, both crew members had to be a member of one of the clubs participating in the series although that list includes most car club active in rallying in Victoria . The clubs were BLCC, CCRMIT, CerbCC, FFCC, HRA, KCC, MUCC, MMSC, NECC, NCCA, PAC and WDDC. Awards were made for outright champions, 2WD, Junior Cup, Senior Cup, Novice and for each class. In addition, an overall “Champion Club” award was made to the most successful club in the series.

For the individual awards, points allocated were 30-25-22-20-18-16-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for first to tenth.  Crews were automatically registered for points from the first event they competed in that year but could “opt out”.  However, new registrations weren’t accepted after 50% of the year’s events had been run. With six rounds for the year, one event was dropped in determining series results.

For the Champion Club award, 1st outright was allocated 70 points, 2nd 69 points, 3rd 68 points, etc down to one point for 70th if there were sufficient finishers. Each club then scored the points allocated to the top 3 drivers and top 3 navigators who were members of and had nominated that club.


There were 6 VCRS events calendared in 2018 but only 4 ran, so all events counted towards the championships. The events not held were the Blue Rock Stages (round 4) and the Daryl Tunbridge Rally (round 5). Click on the event for more details.

  1. Ada River Rally (also VRC) (WDCC)
  2. Nissan Nightmoves (NCCA)
  3. Valley Stages (also VRC) (NCCA)
  4. George Derrick Memorial Rally (also VRC) (CCRMIT)

Points Tables

Class and Other Awards

Junior Cup: Driver – Adrian Stratford, Navigator – Amy Jones

Class B: Driver – Geoff Hale, Navigator – Jenny Pollock (VW Golf)

See above for other classes, which were won by other award winners.