Alpine Rallies

Find out about the rich history of the Alpine Rallies and Trials

Event History

The Alpine Rally is Australia’s oldest rally with the first edition having been conducted in 1921. It is arguably the third oldest rally in the world that is still being conducted, after the Austrian Alpine Rally (Österreichische Alpenfahrt) first conducted in 1910 and the Monte Carlo Rally first conducted in 1911. The Rally of Poland was also first conducted in 1921. 

The first four editions of the Alpine Trial were organised by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. The Victorian Light Car Club, which was established in 1924, took over the organisation of the Alpine Trial from 1926. The club was renamed the Light Car Club of Australia in 1931 and the LCCA organised all Alpine Trials and Rallies (except 1959, which was organised by the Victorian Sporting Car Club) through until the club ceased operations in 1992.

In the pre-WWII era the Alpine Trial was very much a long distance reliability trial with some timed sub-events. The event was resurrected in 1950 and became a timed trial but still with a strong emphasis on reliability and navigation. From the mid 1960s the Alpine was renamed a “Rally” and became a more driver oriented event. It was the final round of the first two Australian Rally Championships in 1968 and 69 and has been a heat of the ARC on 18 occasions. By the late 1970s the Alpine Rally had become a full special stage event with second timing.

The 1993 and 1994 Alpine Rallies were organised by the Albury Wodonga District Car Club and they also organised two navigationally oriented Alpine Trials in 1997 and 2000.

Since 2001 the Alpine Rally has been organised by the Historic Rally Association as a special stage event predominantly for classic rally cars.

A full history of the Alpine can be found in Bob Watson’s excellent book, The Great Alpine Contest.

List of Editions held of this event.

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YearDirector(s)AreaWinning DriverWinning NavigatorCarStatus
2022Owen Polanski/ Steve HollowoodEast Gippsland/ OmeoNathan QuinnRay Winwood-SmithMazda RX2Multiclub SS
2021Owen Polanski/ Steve HollowoodCancelled (covid)
2019Owen Polanski/ Steve HollowoodEast GippslandNathan QuinnRay Winwood-SmithMazda RX2Multiclub SS/ ECCRS
2017Owen Polanski/ Andrew WhiteEast GippslandBen BarkerDamien LongBMW 320iClub SS
2015Owen Polanski/ Stuart ListerEast GippslandJack MonkhouseDale MoscattDatsun 180B SSSClub SS
2013Russell Opie/ Stuart ListerEast GippslandJeff DavidGrant GeelanPorsche 911Club SS
2011Stuart Lister/ Russell OpieEast GippslandGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsFord Escort RS1800Club SS
2009Stuart Lister / Russell Opie /Andrew RobertsEast GippslandGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsHolden CommodoreClub SS
2007Stuart Lister/ Andrew RobertsEast GippslandDarryn SnooksMatt de VausDatsun StanzaClub SS
2005Stuart Lister/ Andrew Roberts/ Dave GallacherEast GippslandGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsHolden CommodoreClub SS
2003Stuart Lister/ Andrew Roberts/ Paul MollisonLakes Entrance/ Bruthen/ Swifts CreekBrian SemmensDan ParryNissan 200SX RVOpen SS
2001Stuart ListerLilydale/ Bonnie Doon/ Bright/ Wangaratta/ Beechworth/ BrightMark MillerMichael CainsFord EscortOpen SS
2000Gordon Douglas/ Max CarmodyWangaratta/ StanleyTerry NaishRoss RunnallsDatsun 1600Open Trial
1998-99Not conducted
1997Gordon DouglasKoetongTerry NaishRoss RunnallsDatsun 1600Club Trial
1995-96Not Conducted
1994Noel Cutler/ Mike BellWodonga/ Stanley/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ Wodonga/ AlburyGraeme WiseHelen WylieFord Sierra V6 4×4ARC/ VRC
1993Mike Bell/ Noel CutlerAlbury/ Stanley/ Beechworth/ wodongaGraham AlexanderDavid StewartMitsubishi Galant VR4ARC/ VRC
1992Simon Brown/ Gary Gourlay/ Shane DavisAlbury/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ Bright/ Mitta/ Albury/ Stanley/ WodongaRob HerridgeMark NelsonSubaru Liberty RS TurboARC/ VRC
1991Simon Brown/ Ron HarperAlbury/ Chiltern/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ Bright/ Mitta/ Tallangatta/ Albury/ Myrtleford/ Euroa/ MelbourneMurray CooteCoral TaylorMazda 323 4WDARC/ VRC
1990Simon Brown/ Ron HarperSomerton/ Hume Weir/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ Hume WeirGeorge FuryRoss RunnallsMitsubishi Galant VR4ARC/ VRC
1989Stuart ListerSomerton/ Lake Hume/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ Bright/ Lake Hume/ Stanley/ Lake HumeGreg CarrMick HarkerLancia Delta IntegraleARC/ VRC
1988Not Conducted (Date change)
1987Stuart Lister/ Helen Lister/ Stephen SmithLake Hume/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ Tallangatta/ Koetong/ Lake Hume/ Stanley/ Lake HumeIan HillPhil BonserSubaru RX TurboARC
1986Stuart Lister/ Helen Lister/ Stephen SmithBright/ Beechworth/ Tawonga/ Myrtleford/ BrightDavid OfficerKate OfficerMitsubishi StarionARC
1985Not Conducted
1984Steve Hollowood/ Stuart ListerBright/ Beechworth/ Myrtleford/ BrightDavid OfficerKate OfficerMitsubishi GalantARC
1983Mike Prendergast/ Stuart ListerBright/ Beechworth/ Wodonga/ Myrtleford/ BrightIan HillPhil BonserFord Escort RS1800ARC
1982Stuart ListerBright/ Beechworth/ Wodonga/ Myrtleford/ BrightGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsDatsun 1600ARC
1981Stuart ListerBright/ Benalla/ Winton/ Wangaratta/ Wodonga/ Tawonga/ Myrtleford/ BrightGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsDatsun StanzaARC
1980Stuart Lister/ Helen McGinty/ Gary GourlayBright/ Stanley/ Tallangatta/ Koeting (cancelled)/ BrightGreg CarrFred GocentasFord Escort RS1800International
1979Stuart ListerBright/ Stanley/ Tallangatta/ Koetong/ Wodonga/ BrightGreg CarrFred GocentasFord Escort RS1800International
1978Ian RichardsMelbourne/ Wangaratta/ Bright/ Stanley/ Albury/ Koetong/ Mitta/ BrightGeoff PortmanRoss RunnallsDatsun 1600International
1977Frank Kilfoyle/ Ian RichardsMelbourne/ Benalla/ Bright/ Wangaratta/ Albury/ Stanley/ Myrtleford/ BrightGreg CarrFred GocentasFord Escort RS1800International
1976Frank Kilfoyle/ Ian RichardsMelbourne/ Bonnie Doon/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ Beechworth/ BrightGreg CarrWayne GregsonDatsun 710 SSSInternational
1975Frank Kilfoyle/ Geoff SchmidtAlbury/ Beechworth/ Bright/ Mitta/ Omeo/ Ensay/ Hotham/ Myrtleford/ BrightGreg CarrWayne GregsonDatsun 180B SSSARC
1974Frank Kilfoyle/ Ian RichardsBright/ Myrtleford/ Koetong/ Mitta/ Falls Creek/ Myrtleford/ BrightDoug StewartBrian HopeMitsubishi LancerARC
1973Bruce FordBright/ Myrtleford/ Hotham/ Dargo/ Ensay/ Buchan/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Myrtleford/ BrightFrank KilfoyleMike OsborneDatsun 180B SSSARC
1972Bruce FordBright/ Myrtleford/ Bright/ Mitta/ Koetong/ Mitta/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ BrightFrank KilfoyleGeorge ShepheardHolden Torana XU1ARC
1971Bruce FordStanley/ Tallangatta/ Koetong/ Corryong/ Mitta/ Falls Creek/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ WintonGraeme ElliotFred GocentasDatsun 1600Open
1970Bruce FordWalhalla/ Culloden/ Dargo/ Hotham/ Omeo/ Mitta/ Mt Beauty/ Falls Creek/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ WintonBob WatsonJim McAuliffeRenault R8 GordiniOpen
1969Bruce Ford/ Bob BakerMelbourne/ Mansefield/ Whitfield/ Myrtleford/ Tallangatta/ Mitta/ Omeo/ Bright/ Myrtleford/ Whitfield/ Carribean GardensFrank KilfoyleDoug RutherfordLotus CortinaARC
1968Bob Baker/ Bruce FordMelbourne/ Bairnsdale/ Swifts Creek/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Mitta/ Omeo/ Gelantipy/ Buchan/ Bairnsdale/ Phillip IslandTony RobertsMike OsborneBrabham ToranaARC
1967Tony Theiler/ Reg Lunn/ Robin SharpleyMelbourne/ Tonimbuk/ Sale/ Brookville/ Briagalong/ SaleTony RobertsPeter HaasHolden HROpen
1966Tony TheilerMelbourne/ Murrindindi/ Whitfield/ Dangdongadale/ Myrtleford/ Falls Creek/ Omeo/ Bairnsdale/ Moe/ Tanjil Bren/ McMahons Creek/ Nayook WestTony RobertsPeter HaasHolden HD X2Open
1965Bruce Ford/ Bob ForsythFrank KilfoyleRoger AbrahamFord FalconOpen
1964Bruce FordMelbourne/ Jamieson/ Whitfield/ Bright/ Omeo/ Bruthen/ Omeo/ Mitta/ Myrtleford/ Strathbogies/ MurrundindiFrank KilfoyleRoger AbrahamFord FalconVTC
1963Bruce FordWillow Grove/ Boisdale/ Bullmwaal/ Omeo/ Mitta/ Bright/ Yackandandah/ Myrtleford/ Whitfield/ Benalla/ Yea/ LakelandDon OpieDoug RutherfordFord AngliaVTC?
1962Bruce Ford/ Tony TheilerHarry FirthGraham HoinvilleFord AngliaVTC
1961Bruce Ford/ Tony TheilerGeoff RussellWally WalshPeugeot 403VTC
1960Bruce Ford/ Tony TheilerHarry FirthGraham HoinvilleSinger GazelleOpen
1959George ReynoldsFrank KilfoyleVolkswagenOpen
1958Harry FirthGraham HoinvilleVolkswagenOpen
1957Lou MolinaPeter WardVolkswagenOpen
1956Not Conducted (LCCA involved in Olympics)
1955Harry FirthGraham HoinvilleHillman MinxOpen
1954Bill Leech/ Bill HicksWheelers Hill/ Heyfield/ Stratford/ Orbost/ Tubbut/ Omeo/ Myrtleford/ Whitfield/ Woods Point/ PowelltownRussell LaneClaude TurnerHumber Super SnipeOpen
1953Bill Hicks/ Bill LeechMelbourne/ Noojee/ Stratford/ Ensay/ Omeo/ Myrtleford/ Whitfield/ Woods Point/ BerwickHarry FirthGraham HoinvilleSunbeam AlpineOpen
1952Bill Leech/ Bill HicksMelbourne/ South Gippsland/ Stratford/ Ensay/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Wangaratta/ Benalla/ NarbethongBob ForemanJohn McDougallMorris MinorOpen
1951Bill Hicks/ Bill LeechMelbourne/ South Gippsland/ Stratford/ Bruthen/ Ensay/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Bright/ Wangaratta/ NarbethongOwen JohnErn AbbottRiley 2.5Open
1950Bill Hicks/ Bill LeechMelbourne/ Sale/ Bruthen/Omeo/ Benambra/ Hotham/ Bright/ Wangaratta/ SeymourOwen JohnErn AbbottRiley 2.5Open
1937-49Not Conducted (War World II)
1936Arthur TerdichMelbourne/ Bruthen/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Wangaratta/ MelbourneB. TinckhamBugattiOpen
1935Arthur TerdichMelbourne/ Heathcote/ Shepparton/ Albury/ Tawonga/ Bright/ Mansefield/ MelbourneA.J ClarkeMG MidgetOpen
1934Not conducted (weather)
1931-33Not Conducted (Great Depression)
1930O. F. ToughMelbourne/ Beechworth/ Hotham/ Omeo/ Ensay/ Bruthen/ Sale/ OakleighRoly WhitbreadRileyOpen
1929Arthur Terdich/ O. F. ToughRoute of choice to Porepunkah/ Mt Buffalo/ Tawonga/ Yackandandah/ Beehworth/ Benalla/Mansefield/ Euroa/ KilmoreA.J TerdichBugattiOpen
1928W.G. Sears/ Arthur TerdichMelbourne/ Korumburra/ Lakes Entrance/ Buchan/ Bruthen/ Omeo/ Tallangatta/ Albury/ Strathbogie/ Flowerdale/ MelbourneA.W. BernadouRileyOpen
1927Arthur TerdichMelbourne/ Matlock/ Mansefield/ Wangaratta/ Yackandandah/ Bright/ Hotham/ Omeo/ MelbourneJ.DondeyBugattiOpen
1926Arthur TerdichMelbourne/ Wangaratta/ Hotham/ Omeo/ Tallangatta/ Tumut/ Kosziusko/ Canberra/ Eden/ Lkes Entrance/ MelbourneJ. BarberLancia LambdaOpen
1925Not conducted
1924Harry JamesMelbourne/ Strathboges/ Mt Buffalo/ Hotham/ Omeo/ Tallangatta/ Tumut/ Kosziusko/ Cooma/ Eden/ Lakes Entrance/MorningtonJ.F. CooperAnsaldoOpen
1923Not conducted
1922Harry JamesMelbourne/ Lakes Entrance/ Mallacoota/ Bruthen/ Omeo/ Hotham/ Bright/ Mt Buffalom Beechworth/ Wangaratta/ Mansefield/ Healesvillw/ MelbourneN. “Wizard” SmithEssexOpen
1921Harry JamesMelbourne/ Lakes Entrance/ Omeo/ Tallangatta/ Brght/ Hotham (and back)/ Wangaratta/ Mansefield/ Healesville/ Ballarat/ Geelong/ MelbourneA.V “Archie’ TurnerA. HoetteItalaOpen