Ballarat Light Car Club

The Ballarat Light Car Club has been active in motor sport since its formation in 1949. The club maintains the motor sport complex adjacent to Ballarat Airport where it conducts autocross events. The club also has clubrooms on the site.

The club has a long history of involvement in rallying, particularly through its long running Begonia Rally, often run in conjunction with the Ballarat Begonia Festival. The club has produced a number of state and national champions including Mal McPherson, Garry Harrowfield, Geoff Boyd, Ross Runnalls and Mark Fawcett.

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Club History

The Ballarat Light Car Club came into being in 1991 but in reality the club was formed in 1949 as a branch of the Light Car Club of Australia.

The parent club the Light Car Club of Australia fell into serious financial difficulties after the failure of some very high risk projects in the late 1980s and astute local members could see that its likely demise would destroy the Ballarat Branch also.

In consequence the committee of the time carefully worked through the process of dissolving the Branch and creating a new club. This was skillfully done so as to have the new club retain the majority of assets of the old club.

Rallies organised

Soon after its formations the club started to run the annual Begonia Rally which soon rose to state championship status.

In order to explore the possibilities for daylight special stage rallying in the Ballarat Area, the club ran the Summer Stages in 1976, 1977 and 1978. In 1979 the concept was transferred to the Begonia Rally which has run as a daylight special stage event ever since.

A full list of Begonia Rallies

In 1970 the club was awarded an Australian Rally Championship status event which was named the Eureka Rally. In 2017 what was essentially the Begonia Rally was awarded ARC status, but the Eureka name was resurrected.

The club also used the Eureka name for a number of novice and navigational trials run between 1981 and 1991. The club also runs the Daryl Tunbridge Memorial Trial.

A full list of Eureka Rallies and Trials

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