Car Club of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Car Club of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology was formed in 1954 and has always had an emphasis on rallying. Over the many years since, it has organised rallies from novice to state championship events. It has produced a number of state champions and has played a significant role in the development of rallying in Victoria.

Club History

In 1954, six friends, students at the Royal Melbourne Technical College, decided to organise a few car trials. Following the success and interest of the first couple of these trials amongst their friends, the students decided to form a car club to bring together people with similar motoring interests.

They approached a Welding Lecturer and motor car enthusiast, Mr. George Derrick to be President of the club. The belief was that the club would have more credibility if a lecturer was involved. In any case, at this time, all clubs were required to have a lecturer as President. George Derrick agreed to head up the Club. The keen interest of George Derrick was enough to make the group realise the club was in fact a genuine reality.

A letter was written in 1954 (just after the Queen had visited Melbourne) to formally apply for the name “Royal Melbourne Technical College Car Club”. This was rejected as it implied the Car Club was royally approved! However, “Car Club of the Royal Melbourne Technical College” was offered and agreed to. In 1954, membership fees stood at 2/6 (two shillings & 6 pence), approximately 25 cents in today’s currency.

Three of the founding members of CCRMIT, Neil Forss, Dick Collingwood and Peter Coffey

George Derrick was a part-time and then full-time welding lecturer who had taught at the Tech for a long time and he and his classes were responsible for the construction of the main gates at RMIT. George’s great hobby and pastime was motorbike racing. He also loved watching car racing but never competed himself. When he was asked to become the first President of the RMIT Car Club, he jumped at the opportunity. His enthusiasm kept the club bubbling along in its infant years. Although never directing any events, he was virtually a permanent control official, often moving around to man 2 or 3 controls during any one event.

His Rover 75 was his pride and joy and it was a sad day for CCRMIT when George was forced to retire from his employment at RMIT due to ill health on 6th September 1956. George Derrick, who was married to Stella and had an only child, Barry, passed away soon after on 26th October 1956. He died at the Peter McCallum Hospital of Leukaemia, aged just 42 years. The loss affected the Car Club greatly.

In July of 1959, the club ran the first George Derrick Memorial Trial, an event created to honour our first President. As a special touch, Barry Derrick, the 16-year-old son of George was a third member of one of the crews. The event started from the base of Wheeler’s Hill on Friday 17th July, with Car 1 leaving at 8:00pm. After 215 miles of rally action, down to Warragul and back, the winning crew was in fact that same crew containing Barry Derrick. The club has decreed that it will always run a “Derrick”, and has managed to do this almost every year since.

George Derrick

Rallies organised

Soon after the club’s formation in 1954 it ran a number of car trials each year:

  • 1954: Peninsula Trial
  • 1955: Peninsula Trial, Autumn Midnight Trial, Winter Trial, 100 Mile Trial
  • 1956: Novice Trial, Peninsula Trial, Autumn Midnight Trial, Winter Trial, Night Trail, 130 Mile Trial, Cords Rings
  • 1957: Novice Trial, Autumn Midnight Trial, Hardie Trial, Presidents Trial
  • 1958: Novice Trial, Autumn Midnight Trial, Hardie Trial, NE Hill Country Trial, Presidents Trial

With the advent of the George Derrick Memorial Trial in 1959, the club then ran an established set of events that have been run numerous times (click on the events to see more details):

In the mid 1970s club member Mike Baxter ran two Baxter’s Burns (1975 and 1977).

In the late 1970s the club ran two long distance events in the tradition of the BP Rally:

In 1980 the club ran what was perhaps Victoria’s first rallysprint event, the B.F. Goodrich Rallysprint.

As the George Derrick Memorial Trial became a round of the new Victorian Trials Championship in 1980, the club ran the Rich River Rally as a heat of the Victorian Rally Championship in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984.

More recently the club conducted the following events:

  • David Nutter Ford Rally (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006)
  • Pyrenees Rush (2014)

Club Office Bearers and Awards

YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerBlower EditorSteve Poore Memorial – Club Trials ChampionNoel Kelly Award – Novice Trials ChampionClub Member of the year
1954George DerrickNeil ForssHallam Occleshaw
1955George DerrickHallam OccleshawGeorge Jennings
1956George DerrickColin LewisIan Furzer
1957Tom JacksonJohn PrestonIan Furzer
1958Tom JacksonThomas Davie/ Robin PettyBrian Gallagher
1959Ron CraftDavid PotterMax AbrahamsWalter MagiltonEddie Briedums
1960Ron CraftDavid PotterMax AbrahamsAlan KingPeter Gibbs
1961Ron CraftPeter DavidsonDavid WithersAlan King
1962Alan KingPeter DavidsonTom Seymour
1963Peter DavidsonDoug ReadJohn Coltman
1964Tom CoxLaurie Sparke
1965Tom CoxDoug ReadNick RutherfordWayne Ford
1966Peter DavidsonDoug ReadTom CoxWayne Ford
1967Tom CoxRob WallaceJim WilsonPeter Mason/ Russell Wallace
1968Tom CoxJim WilsonIan WallacePeter Mason/ Ian Wallace
1969Tom CoxJim WilsonIan WallaceDavid Lambie
1970Rob WallaceIan WallacePeter MasonGraeme LeeMike Baxter
1971David O’KeefeRobert HopkinsMalcolm McNabGraeme Lee/ Graham HorsfieldGarry Spence/ Noel Richards
1972David O’KeefeRobert HopkinsMalcolm McNabGraham HorsfieldIan Richards/ Geoff Doyle
1973David LambieRichard PowerMalcolm McNabGraham Horsfield
1974David LambieRichard PowerIan PearsonGraeme McKimmieDavid Dyball
1975David LambieNeil FoxallIan Pearson/ Sean TannerNoel KellyDavid Dyball/ Noel Kelly
1976Ian RichardsDavid DyballAllen RobertsNoel KellyPeter Evans
1977Mike BaxterNoel KellyDavid McAllisterMike WelshIan Richards/ Kate Niblett
1978Steve HollowoodNoel KellyDavid McAllisterMario DolfenBill Johnston
1979Steve HollowoodNoel KellyKate ThorpeDoug DickSimon Bartel
1980Steve HollowoodDick GillKate ThorpeDoug Dick/ Norm CroftsBill Johnston
1981Simon BrownLauren McConnellKate ThorpeAndrew Zenner/ David WeymssMike Welsh
1982Noel KellyDerek McLaughlinKate ThorpeJacquie Hugoe-MatthewsMike WelshSteven McLaughlin
1983Noel KellyDerek McLaughlinKate ThorpeJacquie Hugoe-MatthewsMike WelshPat O’Bryan
1984Simon BrownDerek McLaughlinKate ThorpeNoel KellyRick ThorpeGeoff York
1985Rick ThorpeGarry TimmsPeter CanalsNoel KellyRex Sherry/ Mike PringleSimon Murphy
1986Rick ThorpeGarry TimmsPeter CanalsKen CusackRick Thorpe/ Peter CanalsRobert Gregory/ Neil Schey
1987Ken CusackMichael PhillipsPeter CanalsKen CusackCameron JayRobert Gregory
1988Heiki HarliMichael PhillipsPeter CanalsTony AhearneJohn WilsonJohn Wilson
1989Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsPeter CanalsBrian BoyleTony Hollenkamp/ Ben ReysTony Hollenkamp/ Ben Reys
1990Kevin WilsonAlan WilsonSue FouldsMichelle SchifferBen ReysBen Reys
1991Kevin WilsonAlan WilsonSue FouldsMichelle SchifferRobert GregoryAdrian Seitsma
1992Kevin WilsonAlan WilsonRick ThorpeKevin WilsonBernard MironBernard Miron
1993Kevin WilsonAlan WilsonRick ThorpeKevin WilsonPiers Vellacott/ Andrew BaylyPiers Vellacott/ Andrew Bayly
1994Kevin WilsonSteve AmorRick ThorpeSteve AmorAnthony Dall’osteAnthony Dall’oste
1995Ashley FraserSteve AmorRick ThorpeSteve AmorMark Rechenberg/ Peter Rechenberg/ Piers VellacottMark Rechenberg/ Peter Rechenberg/ Piers VellacottAshley Fraser
1996Ashley FraserSteve AmorRick ThorpeSharon FraserJohn WilsonTerry TrewernBernard Miron
1997Bernard MironAshley FraserMatthew DunbabinSharon FraserTerry Trewern/ Stephen LoftTerry TrewernTeague Cullis
1998Bernard MironAshley FraserMatthew Dunbabin/ Graeme TrewernSharon FraserBernard Miron/ John RablSteve Poore/ Matthew Birchall/ Dale BaxterBernard Miron
1999Bernard MironAshley FraserGraeme TrewernSharon FraserNeil Schey/ Chris ScheyStephen MayMatthew Birchall
2000Bernard MironTeague CullisGraeme TrewernSteve MayKarl Lazdins/ Kris HermanKarl Lazdins/ Kris HermanBernard Miron
2001Bernard MironJohn RablGraeme TrewernSarah WestDale BaxterDale BaxterDale Baxter
2002Bernard MironJohn Rabl/ Devin CullisGraeme TrewernTeague CullisRoss FraserAllan SheeranDavid Lambie
2003Teague CullisBernard MironDavid KnabeGraeme TrewernMatthew LeeMatthew LeePeter Davis
2004Teague CullisMichael TwycrossDavid KnabeAndrew DykaMatthew DouglasGlen RaymondRoss Fraser/ Ashley Fraser/ David Lambie/ Steve Amor
2005Michael TwycrossAndrew DykaDavid KnabeKevin Wilson/ Paul MollisonRichard Gill/ Leeham BansagiRichard Gill/ Leeham BansagiMark Sichlau
2006Michael TwycrossRichard GillTerry TrewernKevin Wilson/ Paul MollisonRichard Gill/ Leeham BansagiRichard Gill/ Leeham BansagiMatt Lee
2007Michael TwycrossMark SichlauTerry TrewernKevin Wilson/ Paul MollisonStuart Schoof/ Michael BansagiStuart Schoof/ Michael BansagiMichael Twycross
2008James ElliottMark SichlauTerry TrewernMark Howard-Jones/ Michael TwycrossColin Sichlau/ Mark SichlauMark SichlauMark Howard-Jones
2009James ElliottMark SichlauTerry TrewernMark Howard-Jones/ Michael TwycrossMichael BansagiDavid GatesJames Elliott
2010Andrew OrmesherNadine GrovesAndrew RosemanMark Howard-JonesLeeham BansagiLeeham BansagiBrett Williams
2011Andrew OrmesherNadine OrmesherAndrew RosemanCathy RainerAndrew RyanMark SichlauRoss Fraser
2012Andrew OrmesherNadine OrmesherAndrew RosemanCathy RainerColin SichlauDale TwycrossAndrew Ormesher
2013James ElliottNadine OrmesherRichard GillMarie DiversAndrew PannamGraham RedcliffeBarry Collins
2014Rod McEwenBrett WilliamsRichard GillKevin Wilson/ Andrew Ormesher
2015Rod McEwenBrett WilliamsRick ThorpeBernard Miron

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