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View Ken’s library of 4000+ rally photos taken over 40+ years. If you can identify the car, crew or the event, please let us know and we’ll add the relevant links to that photo (use the number reference visible when you hold the mouse over the photo).

A sample of Ken's favourites


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Whether its photos, videos, interviews, the sounds of rally cars or podcasts, we aim to amass an excellent collection for your enjoyment.

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Under photos, you’ll find access to galleries from selected photographers. Ken Cusack is currently preparing his 4000 photos for loading to the website. They offer the opporunity to find yourself – Ken’s index book was accidentally destroyed many years ago so most of the photos are unidentified. If you know what any particular photo is, please tell us.

Photos are also used throughout the site, with photos on individual event and championship pages where they are available.

Soon we will offer a range of videos for you to enjoy.

Rallypedia has been lucky enough to obtain a collection of tapes containing rally interviews by 3AW presenter Lox McGrath in the 1950s and 60s. Click the Audio button to find them.