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Many people have contributed to the Victorian Rally scene throughout the years. As information becomes available, we aim to tell their stories. But it takes time and effort to collect and publish the information, so we are asking you the members of the Victorian rally community to contribute your stories. That includes stories about yourself and others.
In the meantime, check out what is already available by scrolling below.

The people who have made rallying what is is!

Everyone who has competed in, officiated in, being a service crew in or helped organise a rally has contributed to the sport and we are happy to tell their story – we just need you to provide it, whether your life in rallying or someone else’s! It’s the people who make the sport what it is and we want to recognise and celebrate every person who has contributed.

To find information about individuals, a good starting point is to use the Search function at the top right of this webpage and type in the person’s name. That will list every relevant item in the website except that the search function can’t access data within pdfs, so mentions in documents such as event results may be missed.

A second method is to investigate our list of people [this section of the website is still in development, so come back soon to see the list].

Latest Additions

Andy Chapman
Andy Chapman competed from 1965 to 1973. The highlights of his career were finishing second navigator in the 1971 Australian Rally Championship with Bob Watson and winning the 1973 BP Rally navigating for Laurie Comerford.

Jim Maude
When Jim passed away in 1992 he was arguably at the peak of his rally career, planning another Experts Trial and navigating in the Victorian Rally Championship. A “peak” for Jim though was a misnomer, everything he did was flat out, whether in rallying, business, family or contributions to to his local community.¬† Check out our tribute to Jim, a man fondly remembered by many members of the Victorian rally community.