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Some Highlights!

Rallypedia’s photo collection

Over the years, millions of photos have been taken of rallies. A daunting task to sort out what to show.

We’ve addressed that in two ways. Firstly, photos that particularly relate to an event or a championship are accessible via the page for that event or championship. Where there are more photos than are sensible to have on the one page, local galleries have been created.

Secondly, photos that are unidentified or represent a selection of the photos by a particular photographer are accessible via Galleries. Use the buttons on the right to go to particular Galleries.

We particularly invite past competitors to view Ken Cusack’s Gallery. Over a long career as a rally photographer, Ken has scanned around 4000 photos from his “negative” collection. The bad news is that Ken’s index book was destroyed in an accident many years ago so the subject of most of his photos remain to be identified. We’d love you to have a look through the collection and let us know if you can identify any of the photos.

Photos from other photographers are needed. If you have photos to provide or know someone who has, give them a nudge. Chances are they know of Rallypedia but haven’t yet “got a round tuit”.


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