TAUCC Series

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Series Summary

The Technical and Universities Car Clubs (TAUCC) Series was an annual competition comprising events run by the various university and technical college car clubs. It ran from 1975 to 1991 inclusive after which it was effectively superseded by the Victorian Club Rally Series. A TAUCC Cup was awarded in 1993 concurrent with the VCRS but with eligibility limited to the original four clubs, CCRMIT, MSCC, MUCC and SCC and the VCRS rounds run by those clubs.

The series was primarily an inter-club championship. In each round, placings down to 20th among members of the participating clubs were considered and the top three placing from each club tallied. Initially the championship was for CCRMIT, MSCC, MUCC and SCOTCC. The clubs were then allocated points 4-3-2-1 for first to fourth. When Deakin was added the points went 5-4-3-2-1 down to fifth. If a club did not have at least three members finish they would receive no points.

In 1986 Deakin dropped out but the Cerberus Car Club joined. In 1987, with the demise of the Combine 6 Series, the Nissan Car Club and Melton Motor Sport Club were admitted, so it was then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the seven clubs.

Drivers and navigators were also given points individually for first to tenth place.

TAUCC Series Champions

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1975CCRMITDavid DyballNoel KellyDatsun 1600
1976CCRMITPeter EvansChris ManiatakisDatsun 1600
1977CCRMITNorm CroftsBill JohnstonTorana XU-1
1978CCRMITBill JohnstonChris ManiatakisMazda 1300
1979CCRMITSteve BartelKate Hobson*Mazda Capella
1980MUCCJeff MoorheadPeter HadawayDatsun 1600
1981MSCCBrian SmithPeter MignotMitsubishi Galant
1982MSCCStephen MitchellPeter MignotGalant
1983SCOTCCMike WelshDavid Grossman*Toyota Corolla
1984SCOTCCDale SmartColin UrenFord Escort
1985CCRMITRex SherryMichael PringleDatsun 1600
1986CCRMITRic ThorpePeter CanalsToyota Corolla
1987NCCATrevor WoodsDaryl WilliamsDatsun 1600
1988NCCAMichael MorrisEdgar HainesDatsun 1600
1989NCCAKeith CuttleLynn Frost (Cuttle)Datsun 1600
1990NCCABruce DillonJoe BrkicFord Escort
1991NCCARussell WhistonDaryl WilliamsDatsun 1600
1992MSCCGrant HoreDavid LeonciniToyota Celica GT