Victorian Rally Championship

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Series Summary

The Victorian Rally Championship has been the state’s premier series of events since its inception in 1961. It was originally known as the Victorian Trials Championship but the named changed to the Victorian Rally Championship in 1972, reflecting the greater emphasis on driver and car speed, and also to bring it into line with the new Australian Rally Championship which began in 1968. Nevertheless, navigation featured heavily in the early VRC and continued well in the late 1970s. From 1980 the VRC has only comprised special stage events timed to the second. 

It is not clear what points system was used for the 1961 VTC but from 1962 to 1967 it used a 30-27-24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 points system for first to tenth. In 1968 this changed to the 9-6-4-3-2-1 points system for the top six place getters in each round. Normally the best five results counted.  In 1984 the scoring system changed to 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1  covering the top ten places. During the transition from Group G to CRC and PRC ]in the period 1987-1990, points for the outright champion were awarded separately for each class of vehicle, sometimes with bonus points for outright event placings. This was superseded by the current 30-25-21-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 system in ????.

In 1978 a Grade 2 (State Recognised) Award was introduced into the VRC. In 1981 when the Victorian Clubman Series was discontinued, a Grade 3 (Clubman) Award was also introduced into the VRC. These were discontinued in 1990. A Novice Award was introduced in 1988.

In 2003, with the dominance of 4WD cars, a 2WD Championship was introduced based on the same events.

Victorian Rally Champions

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2021Darren WindusJoe BrkicSubaru WRX
2020Not awarded (covid)
2019Aaron WindusDaniel BrkicMitsubishi Lancer /
Subaru Impreza
2018Ben HayesCathy HayesSubaru WRX STi
2017Glen RaymondKate CatfordSubaru WRX STi
2016Darren WindusJoe BrkicMitsubishi Lancer Evo X
2015*Darren Windus*David LethleanMitsubishi Lancer Evo X
2014Justin DowellScott SpeddingMitsubishi Lancer Evo X
2013Tristan PenhallJolie MiddletonSubaru Impreza WRX STi
2012Stephen RaymondGlen RaymondToyota Corolla
2011Warren LeeDavid LethleanMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
2010Nathan ReevesScott SpeddingSubaru WRX STi Spec C
2009Mark FawcettCarrie MorrisSubaru WRX STi Spec C
2008Mark FawcettSimon EllisSubaru WRX STi Spec C
2007Justin DowelMatt LeeMitsubishi Lancer Evol 6.5
2006Justin DowelMatt LeeMitsubishi Lancer Evol 6.5
2005Justin DowelMatt LeeMitsubishi Lancer Evol 6.5
2004Peter MontgomeryChris MontgomerySubaru WRX
2003Mike ReevesRobin SmalleyMitsubishi Lancer Evol 3
2002Brett ThomsonRob VanderreeMitsubishi Galant VR4
2001David StannusPeter CampbellNissan Pulsar GtiR
2000Scott PedderPaul HummMitsubishi Lancer Evol 3
1999Scott PedderPaul HummMitsubishi Lancer Evol 1
1998Craig MorrisJennifer ColeMitsubishi Galant VR4
1997Mike ReevesRobin SmalleyMitsubishi VR4 & Lancer Evol 3 4WD T
1996Graeme WiseRob BeekmanMitsubishi Lancer RS-E 4WD T.
1995*Graeme Wise*Greg FolettaMitsubishi Lancer RS-E 4WD T.
1994Graeme WiseHelen WylieFord Sierra XR4 V6 4WD N/T.
1993Graeme WiseHelen WylieFord Sierra XR4 V6 4WD N/T.
1992Peter FyfeGerry BashfordNissan Pulsar GTi-R 4WD T.
1991Peter FyfeGerry BashfordNissan Pulsar GTi-R 4WD T.
1990David GreigPaul TirantDatsun 260Z 2.8L
1989Greg HoinvilleMichael CainsFord Escort Mk.2 2.0L
1988David GreigPaul TirantDatsun P510 2.5L
1987Geoff PortmanPeter GaleDatsun 1600 2.3L
1986Geoff PortmanPeter GaleDatsun 1600 2.1L
1985Brian SmithJohn BirrellMitsubishi Sigma 2.6L
1984*Peter A. Thompson*Anthony SatoriDatsun P510 2.1L
1983David OfficerKate Hobson / OfficerMitsubishi Galant 2.4L
1982Chris BrownNoel RichardsDatsun 180B SSS 2.0L
1981Geoff PortmanRoss RunnallsDatsun Stanza 2.1L
1980Chris BrownSimon BrownDatsun 180B SSS 2.0L
1979Warwick SmithPaul PatersonMitsubishi Lancer 1.6L
1978Warwick SmithPaul PatersonMitsubishi Lancer 1.6L
1977Gil DavisDavid LongDatsun 1600 2.1L
1976Bob WaterhousePaul PatersonDatsun 1600 1.8L
1975David BondIan RichardsMitsubishi Lancer 1.4L
1974Garry HarrowfieldGeoff BoydFord Cortina
1973Bob WatsonJeff BeaumontRenault R12 & HQ Kingswood V8
1972Gil DavisPeter Haas
Roger Bonhomme*
Holden Torana XU-1
1971Mal McPhersonPeter HaasRenault R8 Gordini
1970Bob WatsonJim McAuliffeRenault R8 Gordini 1.3
1969Bob WatsonJim McAuliffeRenault R16 TS
1968Bob WatsonJim McAuliffeHolden HK V8 307ci
1967*Reg Lunn*Roger VaughanHolden HR X2
1966Tony RobertsPeter HaasHolden HD X2
1965Harry FirthGraham HoinvilleFord Lotus? Cortina GT ?
1964Frank KilfoyleRoger AbrahamFord Falcon XP
1963Harry Firth
Frank Kilfoyle
Graham Hoinville
Mike Flanagan
Ford Anglia / Cortina
Ford Falcon XM
1962Geoff RussellRichard CollingwoodFord Falcon XL
1961*Geoff Russell*Martin HartiganVW 1200

* indicates driver and co-driver/navigator were not from the same crew

Victorian 2WD Rally Champions

Since 1999 there has been a separate award for the Victorian 2WD Rally Champion based on the same series of events.

2021Adrian StratfordKain ManningFord Fiesta G2 ST
2020Not awarded (covid)
2019Justin WalkerAdam Wright*Ford Escort Mk II
2018Grant WalkerSteph RichardsFord Escort Mk II
2017Grant WalkerSteph RichardsFord Escort Mk II
2016Mike ConwayJenny ColeFord Escort Mk II
2015Brian SemmensDan ParryNissan 200ZX
2014Justin WalkerBianca LoweFord Escort Mk II
2013Brian SemmensDan ParryNissan 200ZX
2012Brian SemmensDan ParryNissan 200ZX
2011Rowan WoollardDan Parry*Datsun 1600
2010Alan FriendRobin SmalleyNissan Silvia RS
2009Brian SemmensDavid LeonciniNissan 200SX
2008Andrew TaylorRobin SmalleyMazda RX7
2007Brian SemmensDavid LeonciniNissan 200SX
2006Brian SemmensDavid LeonciniNissan 200SX
2005Brian SemmensDavid LeonciniNissan 200SX
2004Ben FawcettTony BoydNissan Pulsar
2003Andrew VibertDavid GallacherToyota Corolla Levin
2002Brian SemmensDavid LeonciniNissan 200SX RVS12
2001Russell HockingSue McCreadyFord Falcon XR6
2000Darren CrozierRoss Green*Isuzu Gemini PF60
1999Mark MillerDavid Leoncini*Ford Escort Mk II

* indicates driver and co-driver/navigator were not from the same crew

VRC Grade 2 / State Recognised Awards

Since 1978 an award within the VRC has been made to the top Grade 2 or State Recognised crew in the series.

1978Ian RichardsNoel RichardsDatsun 1600
1979Mick Ellis*Jan Fitcher *Datsun 1600
1980Chris WallLloyd MinifieDatsun 1600
1981David OfficerKate HobsonGalant
1982Graeme WiseJohn WilliamsDatsun 1600
1983David AdamsChris RandellDatsun 1600
1984Les AdamsAnthony SartoriDatsun 1600
1985Terry HarrisBryan OliverEscort RE
1986Andrew MartinPhillip MartinGalant
1987David Greig*Doug Gould*Datsun 1600
1988Eric PietilaMike RebbechiMazda 323 4WD
1989Pat BarberJim MaudeFord Laser TX3 4WD

* indicates driver and co-driver/navigator were not from the same crew1978 

VRC Clubman Awards

Since 1981 an award within the VRC has been made to the top Clubman crew in the series.

1981Graeme WiseMark BrookeDatsun 1600
1982Brian SmithPeter MignotGalant
1983Chris NeilsenDavid RidleyEscort
1984Graham GambouldDavid JamesDatsun 1600
1985Andrew MartinPhillip MartinGalant
1986Brenden McCashneyGrant WaddingtonDatsun Stanza
1987Michael ReevesDavid ProctorDatsun 1600
1988Greg HoinvilleMichael CainsFord Escort Mk II
1989Neil CuthbertDaryl AdamsDatsun 1600

* indicates driver and co-driver/navigator were not from the same crew